A Year and 1/2 Later....

So I didn't make the comeback I had hoped to make at the start of the pandemic.  I started a book instead.  But haven't given that the time that I had hoped either.   Since turning 60,  have been thinking a lot about retirement.  Not wanting to wish my life away, but I have come to the realization the next 10 years will most likely be the best my health will be so I may as well enjoy it while I'm "young(ish)".  So contemplating pulling that trigger sooner rather than later. I follow a retirement specialist on Youtube and one of the things mentioned was having a plan.  Not about planning for retirement but what will I do when I retire?  While it will be nice to have the freedom to do what I want, when I want, be careful not to go stagnant or get lazy.  Being active = staying healthy.  I know from working at home, its easy to stay in the chair behind the computer screen without even an occasional stretch.  A big no-no.   More to come in days ahead.  Just curious if

Week 6

We are heading into the 2nd month working from home.  Not only has my office been closed, we are not allowed access to the building.  I have not been out of the office for 6 weeks since Case was born almost 24 years ago and even then, I'd stop by to visit.  I have worked for the same company for 34 years - its the longest constant in my life.  I still see my coworkers on conference calls, where we are all lined up in grids like the Brady Bunch.  We have learned not to talk over each other while on a WebEx call; something we could never quite master on a simple conference call.  No more grooming jokes; our hair is growing and we have become quite accustomed to seeing each other without make-up.  The tell-tale ball cap represents an exceptionally bad hair day or perhaps rolling out of bed a little later than usual. While no date is set for moving back into the office, I wouldn't expect to be back anytime before June.  It was an enormous task to deploy over a thousand employee

Freedom, Dreams and other Pandemonium

Well, my idea to blog through the pandemic didn’t work out as planned.   I found when I am at my desk all day for work, to continue to sit here after “working hours” is not as entertaining.   My office at Fallbrook officially “went dark” at about 6:30 PM on March 25.   The company I work for has been historically conservative.   In 34 years, I can count on one hand the number of times we closed for weather.   And we are in Nebraska!   But they stepped up big time.   While so many people are without a paycheck, I am very thankful to work for a company that is financially fit and committed to our associates and our customers.   Tomorrow will be five weeks since we left the office and settled into our new normal.   I started a remodeling project at home in January.   A full remodel of the kitchen and a refresh of the rest of the main floor.   In readying for the remodel, I had sold my office furniture, dining room set, and moved living room furniture downstairs.   To accommodate

Change is in the Air - Part 2

Click to read   PART 1 March 11-12:   While I was struggling with the fallout of Expo, I also knew my employer was keenly aware of the COVID-19 situation.    A load test was arranged for the following week.  Everyone with remote access was to log on from home and test the waters, so to speak.  I remembered as a kid, my friends and I would go into the girl’s bathroom at school and flush all the toilets at once.    We   were sure it would flood the building and we could go home.    The goal with all of us flooding our servers all at once was to not break anything.      In my area, we are divided between three locations; two in Nebraska (different cities) and a location in Texas.   About 30% of our associates are teleworkers.  I've had remote access for years.  I used to travel a lot for work and living  30 miles from work, it's nice not to have to negotiate bad roads on bad weather days.     As we waited for local schools to make a decision about closures, it was bus

A Time of Uncertainty - COVID 19 - Part 1

Do people blog much anymore?   By the looks of my last entry, it’s been almost three years since I visited my site; something I used to do a few times a week.   While I still love to write, Facebook and other social medial has reduced my creativity to brief thoughts or a just whimsical notion.   If I look back at my old blog, it was perhaps a little self-absorbed.   Writing about what I love to do was easy.   Horses were and are a big part of my life.   There are still times when riding that I think about sharing this or that but then it ends up a quick photo and post to Facebook and the long version is forgotten.   Today’s urge to write has nothing to do with horses unless I count what is going on in the world is taking me away from the horse adventures I’d planned this spring.   I was going to get Windy’s 1,000 competition miles.   Maybe enter The Colt in his first CTR.   I had campsites and entry fees paid.   I just needed to get through The Horse Trail Riding Expo, which I

Fort Robinson and Ft. Robinson Maps

Whenever I make plans to go to Ft. Robinson, I am frustrated because I can't find any property maps.  The Fort is a great place to visit with numerous campgrounds and barns for horse trail riders.  We usually stay in the mare campground next to the mare barns which is not reservable online.  But Barns 105 and 106 is quite an experience as well, staying in those barns which housed the soldiers' horses; clip clopping on those brick floors is like walking through time. The reason for this post is to archive the property maps so I am not looking for them the next time.  However, I realize I haven't even blogged about our last stay at the Fort or shared any pictures. Ft. Robinson is rich in Nebraska, Indian and Military history.  Beginning in 1874, it began as a post during the frontier Indian Wars.  Crazy Horse surrendered and was later killed at Ft. Robinson.In 1919, at the end of WW1, Ft. Robinson became the largest remount depot, used for breeding and training horses

The Platte River Riders are Riding Again

Winter is coming to a close.  Expo is over.  It's time to start thinking about riding again.  Here is the current Platte River Riders schedule.  Please join us for a ride. Details here:   Platte River Riders Page. Click on Image to enlarge & print.