Jul 2, 2008

Big Fat Lying Weatherman (BFLWM) Strikes Again

BFLWM struck again. Storms to the north of us, storms to the south of Lincoln... probably will break up before they move this direction... 30% chance... Yeah, I fell for it and convinced Brenda that we could trust him! And if I would have put my rain gear on the back of the saddle, that would have secured a dry ride! And where the heck is that 99 cent poncho I usually have in my cantle pouch?

We were thrilled that the temps had cooled to 79 degrees. The wind was strong, but there are a lot of trees along Oak Creek that would block it. Move quickly thru the open areas. Fast trots; loping. Fun to be able to just move out! That was our goal; cover a lot of ground & cover it quickly! Finny did not like the signs along the lagoon & Windy would syncronize to his lovely moves! "This is why I have a horn," says Brenda! Crossed the bridges and a good water crossing.

"Was that thunder or a truck?" asked Brenda.
"Truck", says BFLTV.

Then Windy spooks at a flash of lightning. There was no sprinkling. Once we felt that first drop, it started to pour. Went for the nearest trees. Lightning, thunder. Heavy showers.

Nothing we were wearing repelled water. We just kept absorbing more. It looks clear to the west. Shall we risk it and ride out further? As soon as we hit a clearing, the wind cuts through our wet clothes. I never thought teeth could chatter in July? But you do warm up a bit if you gallop! I think our top speed was around 24 mph. Wet clothes, cold wind, frozen fingers! Yes, frozen in July!

Who'd of thunk.....


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