Jul 22, 2008

Lots of Riding!

In July, I am usually complaining about heat and humidity and holed up in the air conditioning. Outside I fear slipping in the cracks of our dried up yard and pasture -- if I make it that far without heat exhaustion! The horses have that "don't even THINK about it" look on their faces.

Albeit this past weekend was a little reminicent of past July's, it hasn't been the norm! Oh, we've had rain (when none was predicted) and dodged thunderstorms when we were too afraid to hay. The weathermen in the area -- Flowers, Ramby and whoever the other talking heads are on the lesser watched stations -- can't figure it out! Heck, the old farmer down the road has made more accurate predictions than these clowns and their computers!

No time lately have they told me we would be having Top Ten days in mid July. But the last couple evenings at our house, in Saunders County, it has been very mild, nice breeze and no humidity. You would think this deserves a little attention! Shouldn't Moe, Curly & Larry take up half of our tv screen and say GO OUTSIDE! IT'S A BEAUTIFUL NIGHT!

We picked up our "cow quality" bales (thank you Mr. Ramby) in the field tonight and I saddled Ginger for a short ride. Hoping the weather holds out for our Wednesday ride at Oak Glen tomorrow evening.

In the last week, I was lucky enough to ride Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday and Friday! Hoping all of you take advantage of this unseasonably NICE weather, too.

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