Jul 13, 2008

Riding Miss Butter

If you followed my vacation blog, you might recall the snippet where I was having a bad day with Butterscotch. I was going to ride her one day at Ft. Rob. When I got to the barn, I found her stall weaving. She was obviously uncomfortable in that environment & I thought she would enjoy the reprieve out on the trails! But she was a pistol to saddle & after lunging for a bit, found her even more difficult in the saddle. I wasn't having the best day either & before one of us (Butter or I) did something we would both regret, I put her back in her stall and fetched Windy.

I wasn't happy with Butter for quite awhile. Although it's no secret that our Black colt is one that I prefer NOT to ride, (yeah, I am scared to ride him even though my 14 yr old son will!), I have never been afraid to ride Butterscotch. Oh, she can be a bit sassy -- some would say "mare-ish" -- but I have always thought she was a fun little horse to ride.

Once we got home, Butter was back to normal. She always comes up to me in the pasture or corral. She knows when the other horses are hogging the grain or alfalfa that if she moves away, I'll slip her her own stash... we just have this understanding. So I couldn't stay mad at her for long.

Yesterday, I took her over to Two Rivers to ride with friends. It continues to puzzle me how this great little trail horse I rode yesterday was the same horse who was throwing fits, rearing, head tossing and spinning at Ft. Rob. So completely out of charactor for her. They sure keep us guessing, don't they?

So all is forgiven with Miss Butterscotch. We are buddies once again. Although we will never be BFFs like Windy & I are, we will continue our mutual "like" for each other.

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