Aug 2, 2008

Decisions & Indecision

In just a few weeks, my little (now big girl) filly, GinnyBelle, will be going to the trainer and then to a new home. And even though I will miss her terribly, she will be with friends and I can still watch her grow up. But I'll miss those chocolate eyes when I go to the barn and most of all, I hate taking her away from her mama, Baby. But its time. If she is to have a future, she needs a job. She'll be a trail horse and I bet a darn good one! It was an easy decision.

It got me thinking that it is really easy to find a home for the good ones. For the most part, Ginny is unproven, but seems to have a good disposition, good mind, went down the trail like a trooper every time she has been out and once she learns a few things from a trainer, I think she'll have an awesome career. Its the questionable horses that are harder to place.

As per my previous blog, I have mentioned that it is time for the Black colt to move along. I'm the only one here who seems to make time to ride anymore and he isn't my first pick (or second or third). Let's just say he doesn't get picked by me at all! So I've had some friends mildly interested in him. So decided if I want to show him to anyone, I need to pick up where I left off last spring and put some time on the colt. Starting with round pen work.

Have I mentioned that I don't like to "train" horses -- that is what trainers are for! But at this point, I also don't want to put anymore $$ into him. So all I have is time. So, as I was saying... back to the roundpen... He hasn't forgotten what he learned at the last trainer. He responds well to lunging. He moves off your hands, backs, whoas. When in a bit, he has a nice headset -- up to this point, he presents himself well.

When in the saddle, he gets a bit sticky footed and combined with his "gooseyness" to my legs on his sides, I've had a hard time moving him out of it. There is a bit of the "fear factor" on my side; I'm probably not as assertive as I could be. But none-the-less, we have dinked around out there for a few days and I'm hoping the light is getting brighter in his brain.

Today, my son Case, my brother Tony, and his daughter Jayden and I hit the trails before it got too hot. Since Tony and Jayden were both on my horses (Blue & Windy), I felt comfortable enough to take Black. I found out on the trail -- in MY comfort zone -- I can be more assertive with him and get less of the gooseyness or resistance. I need to think about how to apply that confidence when working in the arena or round pen. For some reason, all that fencing just looks ominous should we have an explosion!

However, I know trail to round pen is not the natural progression of things in the horse training business. But remember, I'm not a trainer, I'm a rider! So in my hay-wired mind, it works.

Here's where the indecision comes in... I really like riding this colt. I don't necessarily like the horse (personality, disposition), but I do like his light trot. If I have my trainer put another 30 days on him like she did on Windy, would he be at a place where I would be as confident on him as I am on Windy in time? I guess I don't necessarily have to like him; just enjoy him for different reasons than I do Windy. (Still thinking about that trot!) Would I stall my progression with Windy if I started dividing my time among both of them? And when would Blue get ridden in this whole equation?

See, now you know about my indecision ( and there is a Boston song playing in my head whenever I type that word...)

I understand about indecision
But I dont care if I get behind
People livin in competition
All I want is to have my peace of mind.

What to do, what to do.

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