Aug 19, 2008

Hodge Podge

Okay, enough with the rant. I hate that being the first entry you see when you sign onto my blog. I'll leave it there in hopes that Pall Mall and Misty stumble across it, but for now, I'm over it. On to other things positive in life.

I haven't rode Black this week but worked with him on the ground for awhile last night. Picking up his feet continues to go well. When I ponied him from Blue on Sunday, he was a gentleman on the lead line. Stayed behind Blue and a tad behind me holding the rope from Blue. He kept a slack line and didn't try to steal corn from the cornfield we were passing (that Blue managed to swipe from as he walked by.) Progress, progress.

I hear that Ginny is trotting now at Camp Brenda's. And Brenda said she is still very quiet. I bet she still wonders what happened to her world of pastures and hay and mama! Can't wait to hear more.

I missed the trail work at Rock Creek last weekend. Had every intention of going. But started with losing tread on a tire on the LQ trailers. Got new tires, got the wrong tires, had to take them back and have taken off the rims... then they didn't have the ones I needed and had to go somewhere else. It goes on and on... but in the end, I didn't make it. I hear they placed a much needed culvert in the boggy area along the trails closest to camp! And worked on clearing a new trail elsewhere on the Rock Creek side. The park looks good but still needs work, I'm told. Hopefully we can rally the troops again and go help out our friends at Rock Creek.

We rode the new trails at Branched Oak last week. Formerly hiking and biking trails, the new superintendent, Tom Morrison, opened those up to horses, as well. There are places you have to duck... those bikes are a lot lower than the horses -- but good to have another few miles to enjoy out there! Make sure and thank park management should you ride those trails.

Finally, if you follow this website, you know I am a weather critic. Too hot, too cold, too windy, too humid... always the fault of the Big Fat Lying Weatherman, of course. Well, I don't know what has been predicted lately because I lost all faith a few months ago and don't tune in as much, but I certainly cannot complain. This lack of humidity has made for some very pleasant days and evenings. And haven't the sunrises & sunsets been awesome? My rides times far exceed the hours I put in the two prior years! I can't ask for more! (Well, I could but won't be that greedy!)

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