Aug 7, 2008

More Trail Time with Black

Last night's Wednesday ride was at Two Rivers. Case tried to talk me into taking Blue because he will swim! Although tempting (uh-huh!), I decided the Wednesday ride was probably not the best time to swim with Blue. Anyway, I was anxious to take Black out solo -- without our herd -- and see how he does.

Met Julie B prior to when the ride was starting. Saddled up, sprayed him good & we followed Julie & Cora into the wildlife area. He was a little bothered by flies, kept wanting to touch Cora's butt with his nose, definitely would NOT lead, but followed along nicely. We came back into camp to meet with the rest of the group. The weeds were really bothering his front legs and a horse fly was nipping at his back legs. I got the fly & sprayed him down again, before departing with the group.

Initially, Tammy M and her paddle footed gaited horse followed us. I am not making fun of ol' Paddle Foot -- just noting that he has a different gait and Black was not bothered by it. Cora got a couple horses ahead and he didn't stress. Did some trotting on the sandbar. Had another episode with some bugs, as well.

We crossed logs (no jumping), rode in the front, middle & brought up the rear. We did some trotting. Worked on the goosey area. Let cars pass us on the blacktop, crossed mud & climbed the dikes. Stopped when we were toward the front & waited while others passed us to let Julie catch up. He wasn't the poster boy of patience, but he didn't fight me on it much, either. Overall, I was real happy with his performance.

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