Sep 24, 2008

Cowgirl Weekend Bound!

“Its not the fall that hurts, it’s the landing.” The old adage is very true; the landing is the bad part. Other clichés about not bouncing as well are also true. It’s been over a week now since my fall from Black and there are still aches and pains. And I’m told the hematoma on my shinbone will be around for quite awhile! But let’s give “the fall” some credit, too. Although aches and pains will eventually heal, I have yet to really test how much the fall has hurt my confidence. I did get back on the colt shortly afterwards, but I haven’t rode nor worked with him since. The desire is there but I am lacking the motivation. Plus I am wrapping myself in bubble wrap for one of my favorite weekends of the year.

Coming up is my annual “Cowgirl Weekend” trip. Not unlike any other weekend camping and trail riding trip except it has a name and I get to spend time with a group of friends that I don’t see collectively very often. This is the 10th year the hostesses have planned the trip and the 6th year in which I’ve had the privilege of being invited. It has little to do with being a “cowgirl” (whatever that means!) and more to do with just getting away with my good horse for a long weekend with other gals who share the passion. It motivated me to learn to pull my own trailer years ago and since that first trip, there has been no turning back!

I’m pretty sure the oil companies must be on to Cowgirl Weekend. I wasn’t surprised that diesel fuel jumped up 20 cents in price yesterday. Always seems to when I have travel plans. But I fooled them! I filled up early, when it was “on sale” at $3.79. Too bad that same tank won’t get me home. This year we are returning to central Kansas, about a 5 hour drive from here. The weather forecast shows low to mid eighties and plenty of sunshine. Sounds like a perfect fall weekend.

This will be the fourth CGW riding Windy. As much as I enjoy being with my friends, it is equally an important time with my horse. We don’t just sit around the camp fire, we ride… a lot. In the weeks proceeding, I start to slowly add grain to Windy’s diet knowing she will be working harder over those four days. Her winter hair is starting to come in and that, combined with the extra fat from the grain, makes her bay coat shine. If the sun ever comes out today, she’ll get a bath and perhaps some Twinkle Toes as a finishing touch! She’s my “family” for the weekend. I see her first in the morning and before heading to bed at night.

I’m sure there will be stories to tell and some I'll be sworn NOT to tell. And I’m praying all my Cowgirl friends have a safe trip to and from CGW! (Will see you soon!!) I’m heading out now to soap my windows on my truck: “Cowgirl Weekend or Bust!”

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