Nov 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Ride

(Left to right: My brother, Tony, John, nieces, Jayden & Kelsey, sister, Ann & I)

I’ve been too busy with preparing Thanksgiving dinner and company to really sit back and reflect on those things I am thankful for. Family, friends, and health are the obvious. Since this is a horse related blog, I’m thankful for the joy my herd brings to my life and for the lessons they teach me every day. For the friendships I’ve made and the trails I have traveled which would not have happened if it weren’t for horses. For my newfound commitment to better health which has already proven to make me a better rider. It takes more than one buck to toss me from the saddle now!

Many of John’s family traveled to an Arizona wedding this holiday. Those of us who didn’t planned our Thanksgiving with “the other side of the family”. There were ten of us and an extra dog. Our old farmhouse is big enough to accommodate the entire clan. And having it here gives us the opportunity to ride, should the weather cooperate.

( My sister, Ann Johnson)

It wasn’t the warmest day in paradise yesterday, but saddling several horses burned a few calories of what we consumed for the holiday feast. My youngest niece, Jayden, rides Windy. And that’s non-negotiable! My older niece, Kelsey, has no fear of riding. She’s in the military reserve, pretty athletic and strong. She may get called to Iraq next spring. She can handle Iraq, she can handle Black! Actually, she volunteered to ride Black! Now normally I would have rode the beast rather than put an inexperienced rider on him, but I had to take care of my sister. She fell from Ginger a few years ago and has been fearful about riding. She said she would ride Blue, but I had to pony him. I needed a steady horse to pony from, so I chose Butter. My brother, Tony, rode Ginger and John hopped on Baby.

(Niece Kelsey, brother Tony & John)

The horses were all steady and took care of their riders. We didn’t ride far. I certainly could have ridden longer, but the wind was strong and the city-folk weren’t dressed for distance riding in the cold! But it got us out of the house for awhile and we were gone long enough for those left behind to do the dishes. Good planning.

(Left to Right: Kelsey, Tony & Jayden)

Yikes, I just took a glance at the weather. Looks like today may be the last nice day of the long weekend. The sun is shining through the windows right now. And I am really thankgful for that! Better enjoy it while we can!

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