Nov 2, 2008

Vet Wrap, Duct Tape & Extra Horses

I’ve learned this last week that you can’t have too much Epsom salts, vet wrap, duct tape or extra horses.

And did you know when you soak a hoof; they recommend you soak for twenty minutes? Do you know how long 20 minutes are? That is about 6 songs from a 12 song CD. That is how long it takes me to drive to drive to town. That is how long it takes from communion to the end of Sunday Mass! So when you are standing there with your horse soaking her foot in a bucket, 20 minutes seems like an eternity!

Although I am getting pretty good about wrapping Windy’s foot, it’s important not to go lean on the vet wrap or the dampness of the poultice will compromise the duct tape. Okay, I really don’t know that it will but when I have a 1,000 pound animal’s hoof resting on my thigh, I just kind of go hog wild with it! There is nothing as disheartening as coming to the barn and seeing my work of art hanging off the foot or worse that she has stepped out of it. So one roll vet wrap, 10 strips of duct tape and then several revolutions with the duct tape roll to seal the deal!

I am so glad I keep five other horses fed and ready for times like these! Okay, so 4 of the 5 belong to John and the kids, but their hooves are growing long waiting for their turn under the saddle. So as I wait for Windy to heal, I’ve managed to put time on 4 of them. If I had one more day in the weekend, the fifth may have gotten some saddle time, too. But alas, we return to standard time and at this very moment, 6:04 PM, it is very dark outside.

We’ve had some glorious fall days this past week. Since Wednesday, I’ve rode over ten hours on 4 horses and traveled to 3 different trails as well as arena riding and hitting the roads around home. The crops are coming out with a vengeance right now. Bean fields are empty and the corn will soon follow. I’m hoping the cold weather holds off for a few more weekends and we are spared “gray November” and I can continue to get some saddle time the next few weekends.

As I rode into our driveway tonight, I took this picture. Although fall signifies the end of the warm seasons, I do appreciate the beauty if has to offer. I’ll buy my next rolls of vet wrap in autumn colors.


  1. Anonymous7:18 PM

    Fall is my favorite time to ride,, unfortunatly it doesn't last long enough. I also rode this weekend, tho not nearly as much as you. Took Josie (my nemesis) out, and she just drove home the point that I just am not brave enough, confident enough, to help her be what she could be. On the ground we get along famously, but with me in the saddle my fear creeps in!! Sooo, I went and got Buddy, my 7 yo gelding that I raised from birth, and we had a wonderful ride. This is such a gorgeous time of the year,, I marvel at the beauty.
    So tell me, did you ride Black?? How did It go? I hope Windy gets well soon. Jennifer

  2. Jennifer,

    Did you raise Josie too or did you buy her? Did you start her yourself? Have you had any interest in her yet? Isn't is wonderful when you have a horse like "Buddy" to fall back on. I rode Blue yesterday when I went out w/friends. Its cliche` - I've said it 100s of times, but getting on him is like going home again. Blue is "my" Buddy.

    I really thought I was going to ride Black today. I rode him in the round pen the other night. But when I got him up to the barn, decided to ride my husband's mare (Windy's mom) Ginger, instead. John rode Black. I tried to get him to switch with me when we started to come home, but he wanted to finish the ride on him.

    I love spring - knowing that winter is finally over, but fall is my favorite. Even though we are settled in the heart of corn & bean fields, the trees around the farms are just gorgeous! ~Tammy

  3. Anonymous8:54 PM

    I bought Josie as a 1 year old, I had seen her on,, and something just kept drawing me back to her ad. I did goundwork with her, and took her to a trainer when she was 2 1/2. I had taken Buddy to the same trainer.
    I have her listed on,, and there are 6 people watching her. There is a guy from Alma that saw my ad on Horsetrailriders. that has shown alot of interest.

    She will flourish with a confident rider,, one that does not confuse her like I do. Buddy is going to be depressed,, they are a team. And that makes me sad, She is too talented,, and I am too afraid!! My hope is that who ever buys her will give her alot of time and love,, and she in turn will perform exactly like they want.
    I also have a 30+ mustang, and Buddys Mom,,she got west nile when Bud was about 6 months and she is pushing 20. She almost died, but pulled through, but is withered in her rear end, and gimpy in the rear. My mustang wouldn't let her just lay down and die,, he pushed her to move, and herded her around our 20 acres, he took, and is still, taking such good care of her. I think my mustang thinks he is Buddy's Dad, and Buddy thinks so too. Animals are amazing!! The love I see between them,, the communication is there if you pay attention.
    Well Happy Trails,, and have a Great Week! Jennifer


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