Nov 23, 2008

Windy's Back!

This past weekend is notable. After the shock of discovering my favorite horse three-legged lame, vetting her for an abscess, three weeks of stall rest and another week out to pasture, I am so happy to report Windy sound and healthy.

Saturday was our test drive, so to speak. We went over to 3V Stables to ride with friends. Played some arena games and she felt good on the soft footing. We ventured out to the practice track and went through all the gaits. The gears all work. I felt no hitch in her giddy-up. She’s back.

I’m lucky that I have other horses I could ride during her recovery. And it was not only good to get them out and exercised, but also good to spend some time on those who aren't quite as easy for me. None are incredibly difficult, but all have their own nuances and offer a different ride or different degree of attention. With the exception of Black, I am equally comfortable on all of our horses. From Butter’s incredibly soft trot to Ginger’s fire and Blue’s willingness – I’ve not regretted the opportunity to spend some time on these nice horses. I’m disappointed I didn’t venture out with Black. Had hunting season not been happening recently and I could have gone to a lesser-used trail, I would have been more comfortable taking him out.

The weather wasn’t the best this weekend, but could have been worse. It wasn’t as chilly and damp as it was on Friday, but cloud cover kept any warmth from reaching us. This time of year, it is still possible to dress warm enough to enjoy the ride. I have twelve hours to go to make my 2008 Trail Time goal. A few more weekends with temperatures such as this, those hours should come easily. I’m looking forward to ending the year with my good mare.

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