Dec 18, 2008

All I Want For Christmas....

I always have said that if I had ME on my Christmas list, it would be so easy to shop! Some nice horsy etched wine glasses or horseshoe earrings (studs, please). Or perhaps a new bling belt or better yet, a bling headstall for Windy, which is kind of for me!

When I was at Messick Tack the other day, I saw some great socks with horses on them! And she also had a nice riding jacket (in black, please). In some of the magazines there are sweatshirt that says some clever horse slogan like “Barn Bum” or “I’d Rather Be Riding” -- too frivolous to buy for myself, but what a great gift! ( I prefer a hoodie to a zipper, please.)

Oh, and the tack I could use! Let's see.... I’ve always thought those organizers that held sprays and hoof picks and brushes would be handy. And what I wouldn’t give for one of those lunge lines the NH gurus all pimp -- not because of they are supposed magic, but because they feel so good in my hands!

For camping, I’ve wanted a memory foam pad for the mattress in the trailer as well as a Coleman shelving unit for our outdoor cooking gear. And one of the camp chairs with a built in table and cup holder would also be lovely!

For winter, I would really enjoy a pair of lined riding boots and a sheepskin seat cover for my saddle. And thinking ahead to trail riding this spring, what I wouldn’t give for a new GPS with the built in maps! A new set of pommel bags and some saddle strings would be nice, too.

So you see, if there is an equestrian on your Christmas list, it doesn’t take much to make us happy! Feel free to share this list with my husband and kids or yours.

What horsy item do you want for Christmas? Feel free to add to my list via the comments!


  1. I want a gel seat cover for my saddle from Toklat, because my mare beat me to death on our last long.... trail ride LOL

  2. Hey Tammy, I posted a Picture just for you over at my blog.

  3. Anonymous12:09 PM

    I would LOVE to get the book "Equus" from this guy:

    He is an AMAZING photographer. I highly recommend spending the time it takes to go through the slide show of some of the pictures from Equus.

    I'm also coveting a nice jacket with my farm name embroidered on it.

  4. Hello Tammy, your little Red, aka Ginger is gorgeous too, I just love them all

  5. Funny you mentioned the memory foam. That's on my list too! We are fully addicted to memory foam in this household, lol.

  6. Anonymous9:53 PM

    I tell Tom the same thing! I am so easy to buy for! I think I would like a better digital camera. I love the pics that you take on your trail rides! I used to take a lot of pictures as a kid, and I would like to get back to taking pictures again. I used to have a camera with a removeable lens, and you had to focus manually! That was a long time ago!

  7. Anonymous9:59 PM

    yes, I think memory foam is better than gel. I have heard that gel is breaking down. The new memory foam does not hold a memory, so it "reshapes" itself and can be used on other horses and/or with other riders.

  8. Anonymous9:59 PM

    yes, I think memory foam is better than gel. I have heard that gel is breaking down. The new memory foam does not hold a memory, so it "reshapes" itself and can be used on other horses and/or with other riders.

  9. RedDun: the sorrel horse on your blog is gorgeous! She looks a lot like our Ginger.

    Jenn: Thanks for sharing the link to Equus. Those photos are awesome. There was one of 2 black horses running in the snow - more abstract as their heads weren't shown, but a very neat photo!

    Mikey: We have a memory foam on our bed and miss it terribly in our trailer. I just got back from traveling and everytime, never want to leave the Marriot hotel beds. I googled them tonight & they are 7" of foam with a box spring. And for $1400 and $300 shipping, Marriott will send me one! LOL! I'll add that to my Christmas list, too!

    Brenda runs a tack store. She knows her memory foam!

  10. I've just found your blog via Mikael's blog. Cause you answered my question.. and thank you... because I don't know those kind of things at the young age of 17... and no one I know has hemorrhoids.. so it's not something I know about. Well, until now anyway lol. Also, if you wanna know what I got for my animals.. but mostly because it's a HUGE convenience for me to have it in the animals water bucket... is a deicer! one of those things you plug in, and put in the bucket of water, and instead of having a bucket of ice, it keeps the water at a nice temperature. So no breaking ice or anything this winter, and no extremely cold water or no water in the buckets, and no hauling out 5 buckets a day of hot water anymore... a win-win-win all the way around!

    Btw, my animals consist of chickens, goats, and 1 flea bitten Arabian gelding that I adore. Even after he's been a bad boy, and I have to tell him to cut it out. Usually he's full of kisses and goofiness. But a great horse to ride. I've had him since September 2007, and this is the first year I've been able ride him, because last year, he got a cut on his fetlock, but I have since change boarding barns, and the fencing here is so great, and he's not caused himself an injury. But I've found out he doesn't like anything but walking in the snow, since snow gets all compacted in his hooves, and I think it's uncomfortable for him. So I wonder if there are snow booties for horses? lol. I'd put them on and then ride. Since I don't have an arena. But know people with arenas, and I could see if they could haul the horse 5 miles there, and 5 miles back so I could ride.. but then I wouldn't want any accidents especially with my horse and people.. so I'm not too desperate to ride, because I rather be safe.

    Anyway, hope you stay safe this winter, and get what you'd like this winter. I know I am super happy just to have a water bucket heater this winter :). And if I want anything it's mostly going to be clothing or animal/horse related. It always is with us farm girls! lol.

  11. Kim,

    How old is your Arab? Sounds like you took good care of him when he was injured.

    There are actually quite a few hoof boots on the market. I was thinking of getting a pair, too, as I do a lot of riding on gravel roads. Google "hoof boots" and you will see quite a variety. Fit is very important & I understand you need to do some tracings before you buy them so you get the right size.

  12. Yeah, and even though he'd got hurt on the gate at the paddock he used there, there was a lot of great things about the first barn I boarded my boy at, and it was hard for me to tell her I wanted to change barns. I procrastinated about it ALL day, the day I finally told her. And when I first got him, I didn't have a blanket for him and I asked her what size I should get him, and she told me what size and I got a perfect winter blanket for him. But he didn't have a barn he could go in and out as he pleased, and now he does so he's not wearing a blanket now, and his coat has come in nice and fluffy and he's always clean and dry and so cute. And I know about not wanting to buy something that doesn't fit! lol. Anyways, as for his age, he'll be 21 in 2009. So sometimes I get teased about him being my first real boyfriend lol. Or my real first boyfriend. Whichever order makes more sense, but you get the idea lol.

    And as for his injury, I think I did a good job taking care of him and learning, because I had to learn, and the barn owner was always super nice. But there was times I was super worried about things, and it was awful putting the twitch on him, so he'd focus on his nose instead of kicking his foot away. And there was times where I thought he hated me because I just came to deal with his injury. But cookies and carrots made that all better. And it was SO nice when it was so healed, and healed enough to where he would stand perfectly in the stall for me to take off his wrap and bandage and put a new bandage on and wrap him up again. And really, it was a good experience for me, and I see the big picture. I learned how wrap and bandage wounds and I am thankful for the lessons I have learned. Even though it tough at times.

    Anyways, before I decide on buying him booties, I will do my research and talk to people, and I'm sure that will help me get the right size for him that way. Thanks!


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