Dec 19, 2008

There's No Place Like Home

Pictured is Jo, an appy gelding I used to have. He went on to be leased to a friend and from what I know now, is a "husband horse" for another family. The snow picture was fitting & thought RedDunAppy would appreciate the spots!

I left Tuesday for Philadelphia. I love to travel the week before Christmas! (Not!) But duty called and as much as I would have rather not traveled this time of year, Philly offered temperatures in the 40’s, while here at home we were in the deep freeze! We had two days of long meetings but enjoyed some great cruisine each evening. It was so bad for the diet!

Storms moved into the midwest Thursday night. Although there was no bad weather in Philadelphia, we were traveling through Chicago today and in the best of weather, that is not a reliable connection. I was pleased that we had minimal delays and the wheels touched down in Lincoln around 3:30 this afternoon.

I finished Riding Lessons by Sara Gruen while traveling and it left me longing to see my horses. After dropping my bags in the kitchen and seeing John and the boys briefly (I got more of a welcome home from Ritz!), I put on my coveralls and boots and winter gear. On impulse, I tossed a rice bag in the microwave for a minute and stuck it in my pocket as I headed to the barn.

John had already done chores and Windy was eating by the cows that were on the other side of the fence. I went into the tack room and wrapped the rice bag around the bit of her bridle, took her halter and lead from the hook and headed to her pen. She put her head down into the halter and followed me out of the gate. Fetching her bridle, the bit was warm to the touch -- just right -- and she slipped it into her mouth easily. I was ready to go dashing through the snow.

On a warm summer day, I can sidle her up bareback to the panel fence and quickly slide on with all the finesse a 47-year-old woman can muster. All the romance of such a ride tonight is quickly lost as there is no way to accomplish the same graceful feat in Carhart bib coveralls! Combine that with an ice coated panel fence and the first attempt found me lying across her back trying to bring my big right leg over her rump. (Picture the boy in The Christmas Story with his fat winter gear!)

Once on her warm back, we headed down the driveway. The sound of the snow under her hooves made me wish I had strung the jingle bells around her neck. Ritz darted ahead, his white body lost in the snow. It wasn’t a long ride, but a necessary one. I needed cleansed of big city noise and crowded airports. As I rode back to the barn, the daylight was fading and the snow looked blue in contrast against my bay horse. I’ll miss the Marriott bed tonight, but even that doesn't feel as good as being home.


  1. I'm impressed that you can ride a horse bareback at what if the mounting isn't pretty! LOL

    I'm with you about the pictures. I rarely post without one and my blog always looks naked when I do.

  2. Anonymous10:35 PM

    glad you made it home. It seems like there are a lot of delays from Chicago east today! Atleast the ice is gone off the main roads!

  3. I will ride bareback -- but my mare has a pretty high wither that isn't too comfortable. I like riding her dam or my son's horse bareback better. But nothing about ME riding bareback is pretty. I'm not near as relaxed as when I'm in a saddle, but I think it has really helped my seat, so I keep trying! :)

    Ah, nothing much is pretty anymore at 47 yrs old, but horses keep me feeling young!

    Pictures to follow tomorrow! I miss them, too!

  4. Anonymous10:38 PM

    geez, it must be late, I can't even type my name correctly! lol
    maybe we should ride bareback at a lesson and laugh at each other! It has been years since I have ridden bareback!

  5. Nothing like riding bareback for a quick detox.

  6. Nothing like riding bareback for a quick detox.

  7. dont know why it posted twice, one of those glitches blogger talks about ?

  8. Tammy, it looks like he has a pretty blanket, I just have a soft spot for Appys LOL


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