Jan 27, 2009

A Bit Melancholy

As I browsed through my pictures
looking for an inspiration for today’s blog,
I found I’ve grown weary of cold pictures.
As pretty as the snow can be,
I still long for warmth.
A backdrop of green.
The essence of summer.

I want to walk out door without the ritual of bundling up.
I want to wear a baseball cap and t-shirt
instead of a balaclava and coveralls.
I want to feel my horses’ shiny slick coats with my bare hands.
Raise their manes to take in their scent,
not to warm my cold nose.
I want color in my cheeks from the sun,
not from the wind chill.

I want to swim in the lake with Blue
to cool off after a warm day’s ride.
I want to ride down the road on Windy
and smell the apple blossoms on the neighbor’s trees.
I want to see the baby calves at play
and watch the crops come to surface.
I want to watch out for snakes again!

I want to open Ginger up without fear or reservation
and gallop down the “loping trail”.
I want to ride Butter bareback in shorts and bare feet
and capture what’s left of my youth.
I want to groom Baby until her flaxen tail shines.
I want to see if she really will drive.

I want to ride my favorite trails without fear of hidden ice.
And camp with my family and friends.
I want to sit around a campfire with the canopy of stars.
I want Jiffypop over the fire!
I want to hear my horses munching on hay in their make shift pens.
As I drift to sleep after an honest days ride.
I want to saddle up in the early morning
and do it all over again!

I want my truck to start without plugging it in.
My horse’s bit to be warm to the touch.
I want the leather on my saddle soft and supple.
I want the sun on my back
and the reins in my hand
I want to smell freshly cut hay
I want the sky as blue as it was last June.

I want winter to end.

(Remembering a friend)
Rest in Peace
Sweet Saint
Rest in Peace


  1. In one word, "DITO"! Beautiful!

  2. Beautiful, beautiful! oh I cant wait for summer either, or just spring and 65-70 degrees!!! we had 2+ inches of snow again this am!

  3. Anonymous3:12 AM

    passo per caso nel tuo blog
    un saluto from Italy, ciao

  4. Thanks for remembering Duch Tammy. She was a sweet girl for sure.

    She will be missed.

    Tammy & Al


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