Jan 11, 2009

An Invitation to Ride

I want to ride with you today!

But no time to haul.
And its pretty cold -- temp is saying 31 right now which is bearable...
but of course there is the wind factor!

So, let's Cyber Ride!

Sometime between now and o'dark hundred, head to the barn, fetch a horse & RIDE!
Doesn't have to be a long ride, but long enough that if anyone asks what you did today, you can say "I rode my horse."

Come on. I double dog dare you!
And report back here after the ride!

(See comments section for ride reports from me & others!)

PS: Wasn't the moon awesome? The picture above is the moon setting in the west this morning. The one below is of it coming up, just above the horizon.


  1. If virtual riding counts, I rode my black and white tovero mare this morning. I haltered her, groomed and tacked her up, picked out her feet.

    After mounting my mare, we headed up into the mountains along the ridge trails, enjoying the crisp cool air, warm sunshine, and remnants of snow stubbornly hiding in the shade of the junipers and pinon trees.

    My Dr. says I won't be able to ride again until August, so virtual is the only way for me to ride trail right now.

    Thanks for inviting me to join your Cyber Ride today. It brightened my day.

    New Mexico

  2. I was right there with you on the mountains, Lisa! It was beautiful!

    Ergh - Dr. saying August now? Oh, my. I can't imagine. Guess this is where you hope you can surprise him! Be the ideal patient! The one he says "healed up in no time... never saw anything like it!"

    Thanks for "riding" with me today!

  3. I rode. There's still a lot of ice on the ground in patches, so I decided to just tootle around where we could see the dirt, which meant the horse's lot, the neighboring lot, and part of the pasture.

    I "caught" Cooper. (snicker, snicker) Catching my horses usually means chasing them off me so I can halter one of them! ha

    Anyway, as I was saying, I caught Cooper, tied the lead rope around to the halter again, to make reins, sidled him up to the waterer and hopped on. Well, I kind of slowly slid on. I don't hop.

    We walked around the lot, between the feeders, stuck his head in the hay bale, but he said he'd rather ride than eat (whoa!!), so we kept going. In and out of the loafing shed, over to the gate, which I was able to open without dismounting this time (woohoo!). Jake followed us out into the adjoining lot, where we wove in and out of the horses there, in an out of the barn, and then out to the pasture. Everything was at a walk, and Cooper was very nice about that. Scared up a rabbit. All the horses kept an eyeball on the resident kid who kept disappearing and reappearing between buildings and implements in his quest to build a snowman in the yard.

    Jake seemed disappointed that he didn't get a turn at riding...maybe next time!

    Thanks for getting me out there. I don't feel like I really rode alone this way!


  4. Sheila - thanks for "riding with me" today! I can just see Coop headng for the hay bale, but to turn away? Wow! He must have been glad to be out and about, too. Yes, Jake's turn next time!

    I haven't looked at the weather forecast but someone at the soup dinner said we are in for some frigid weather again. So glad we rode!

  5. And I'm pleased to announce the Cyber Ride a success! I heard from many Horsetalers who took the challenge and went out and rode. Sheila barebacked on Cooper, Julie on AJ, Joni drove Gonzo, and Mary worked both her Morgans. Carol and Chief went for a walk-about, Leigh and Lilly did some arena work, as well as Tami and her Haflinger, Prince. And Lisa, at Laughing Orca Ranch went above and beyond -- riding in the mountains in New Mexico! Her ride was truly a "cyber ride" as she is recovering from knee surgery, so I hope this little "outing" was what the doctor ordered!

    I bundled up,fetched and saddled Windy. Butter was also looking like she was really needing some attention, so I went back and saddled her as well. It would give Windy more ponying practice and get Butter out of the pen. Of course Ritz lead the way.

    It is the last day of rifle season, so not a day to really venture down the road. We didn't go far; just down to the pasture by my mother-in-law's pond and along the creek by the highway. Our little waterfall is iced over; couldn't hear any running water.

    We worked our way back up to the barn. Tied Butter off while I took Windy into the arena for a bit and then tied her off and worked with Butter - her sweet little trot! My ride lasted about an hour.

    Wondered if anyone had taken me up on my offer & was glad when I signed back on to the computer, the emails & messages from those who did.

    Thanks for going along for the ride!

  6. Yes I did. Thank you Tammy. I at first felt like a dork saying I was going on a cyber ride, but it made me feel so much better visualizing the riding I used to do on my mare.

    I love riding trails in the mountains and hadn't thought much about the details of why they are such a wonderful place to ride. With me being laid up, I just think, "I can't ride".

    But you gave that back to me today, if even for a few minutes, of just visualizing it. And for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    I hope you do this again sometime.
    I would love to join you again on a Cyber Ride :)


  7. It was around 60 here in No, TX today. Trailered over to the trails and rode with a friend for a few hours. I rode Hank, and ponied Flag. This time of year, all the trees are naked, and the grass is brown. But it makes actually a nice ocntrast when the sky is so blue like today. The wind was not bad, and it was really a lovely day. I know we were blessed to have such a nice day to ride, while many areas have less than nice weather. But, I also know the yucky stuff is yet to hit, and we will have some days where marching out to the barn to feed will be an unwelcome chore.


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