Jan 9, 2009

Just Another Day in Paradise

I’m pretty sure I’ve blogged about The Big Fat Lying Weatherman before today. He is the Talking Head that stands there on our television screen with a big ass smile on his face and promises us sunshine and flowers and happy trails! And before we can say “giddy-up”, the BFLWM says, “Oops, guess were in for a big one.... eh, eh, eh.” And he laughs his evil laugh!

So the truck is still in the drive with the trailer hooked up, covered with snow and ice – today’s early offering. I still have my breeches and long underwear on: too stubborn to change clothes. And here I sit with the computer in my face and a glass of red wine. The wind and snow is now hitting the window where the ice pelted it early on. The back-pedaling BFLWM quickly covered his tracks by calling for an inch of snow accumulation. (There is 3” right now, Big Guy, but who’s counting!) Aw, January in Nebraska!

Before the storm hit, I let the herd out to pasture for awhile. They trotted through the bean field and once they hit the pasture, they gave it their all! Ginger and Windy vied for the lead, Butter did her usual buck and twist. Baby galloped, ears back – her big ol’ self just plowing across the pasture. Blue warmed up by lunging himself in the prettiest little figure 8s and Black did his best Arab imitation. I don’t think his tail could get any higher. When the sleet started, I found them back up at the barn and enticed by a bucket of corn, they reluctantly went back to the corral.

I used to think that Nebraskans had the worst winter weather of any state! But since I started reading other blogs, I find rough weather everywhere. Although picturesque, some Idaho horse-people are scooping the snow from their roofs for fear of cave-ins. The Pacific Northwest not only had uncommon heavy snowfalls, but flooding. And once the bitter chill passes through our state, it seems to offer as cold, if not colder, weather back east! I wonder what their Big Fat Lying Weatherman tells them? Compared to some of these conditions, I almost feel like just a whiner!

Rumor has it, temps could reach the forties on Sunday. I'll leave my breeches on....

But tomorrow's a dream away
Today has turned to dust
Your silver tongue has turned to clay
And your golden rule to rust (-Jim Croce)


  1. Weathermen have to have the toughest job, LOL! I know ours get thrown off by all the mountains nearby, they cause all kind of bizzare wind issues. We can have inches of snow in one area, then nothing at all 10 minutes away!
    Hang in there, the best riding season is just around the corner!

  2. Days are getting longer! January makes ride season seem even more special!

    OK, that's all the pollyanna I can muster....

    Winter sucks...

  3. I loved the picture you painted with words, of your horses feeling frisky in the wintry cold air. I don't envy BFLWM at all. They are darned if the do, and if they don't. hehe

    New Mexico

  4. Try being a weatherman in Texas. We have weather shifts that will change often 40,50,even 60 degrees or more in hours! Talk about hard to figure out what to where when we do hit the trails! lol Hope you get in some riding days soon!

  5. I was watching the weather tonight & in Dallas it was 68 degrees! Wow! I think LA was 82.

    We are expecting snow again tonight (originally scheduled for Thursday) and 50 mph winds. Paradise continues! ;)


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