Jan 25, 2009

Sunday Morning Photo Shoot

This morning brought a few more inches of snow and single digit temperatures. But instead of my usual whine about the cold, I have to say that the morning was breathtakingly beautiful. The snow was light and powdery. You know, the kind that just sparkles in the sun.

I put on my coveralls, gloves and balaclava and Ritz and I headed to the barn. I had opened the gate to the bean field and east pasture yesterday. The herd had returned this morning and were milling around the east side of the barn taking in the warmth of the sun (and I use the word “warmth” loosely!) They stood quietly as I took some shots.

Baby is just made for close-up shots. Her eyes are so expressive.

This was an interesting shot of Butter, looking across Baby & Black’s backs.

Darling Windy is very nervous having all the horses in her run! (“Please make them go away! They are pooping in the wrong spot!”)

You can’t see Ritz, but he and Butter were sparing.

Ritz – yeah – he looks totally innocent. And before you say “what a pretty dog”, pretty is as pretty does!

Don’t you just love how black horses photograph in the snow?

Ginger and Blue were hanging out in the barn and missed the photo shoot.

On another note, The Pioneer Woman has me hooked on Photoshop. I am still learning the particulars – probably never will figure it all out -- but I hardly ever publish a “straight out of camera” shot anymore. Unfortunately, I am awaiting repairs on my main computer and don’t have Photoshop installed on any of my backup computers. After using Photoshop to enhance, frame, crop (and erase bad fencing!), publishing pictures without it is like going to town without make-up. So fired up my old Microsoft Digital Image Pro so I could at least frame the pictures! May not be in full make-up, but likening to at least having on mascara!


  1. Those pictures turned out great! I love pictures of horses in the snow, too! I took a lot this year since we so rarely get a good snow.
    I don't have photoshop, wish I did! Someday. Need a camera upgrade, first! ;)

  2. lol! I like your reference to going without make-up to not having Photoshop. I've never used it before, but so many people seem to be in love with it.

    All your pics are really nice, but my favorite is Ritz. The color of the snow is lavender tinged and really shows off Ritz's white fur.

    Stay warm :)


  3. You should submit the one of their backs to a photo contest. VERY nice composition.

  4. Thanks for all you notes. Winter does make a nice backdrop for pictures! Today the sun was shining on the snow and I considered heading out with the camera. The weather bug registered 8 degrees... I just couldn't talk myself into it!

    Photoshop is the devil! But aren't all scrumptious things!


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