Feb 4, 2009

Friday Night Follies

Last Friday, my friend Sheila and I went to Chance Ridge to ride. Our goal was to video tape each other so we could critique ourselves and our riding styles. I must mention that I use the word "style" loosely as I am really not sure I have much of a style! My hope is simply not to embarrass myself too much, is all.

I ended up taking both Ginger and Windy and wasn't surprised to find that Sheila brought both her geldings, Jake & Cooper. I saddled my mares; started by riding Ginger and ponying Windy and after a bit, tied Windy off and continued to ride the rail with Sheila. Before we knew it, an hour had passed. We switched horses then and I warmed up Windy for the big filming debut.

We each took our turn while the other shot the video clip. Sheila is a very good rider -- self-taught at a lot of things and someone whom I consider a true "student of the horse." I welcomed her feedback and was eager to try some of her suggestions. When I got home and viewed the video clip.... Oh My Gosh! Sheila was so kind! Let's just say I'm glad I have a pretty horse! And I'll say right now, you won't see that video clip here!

After our "demonstration", we turned the horses loose in the arena. A friend, who recently had surgery on her broken leg, entered the building in a wheelchair and she caught the horses' attention and off they went! They were putting on such a show, that we kept them going for awhile. Now this is a video clip worth watching!

Cast of Characters:
Bay Mare: Windy
Sorrel Mare: Ginger
Gray Gelding: Cooper
Gold: Jake

Ginger is Windy's dam. Watch the likeness as they run. Sometimes it appears they are synchronized! And what do you think about Jake's color -- the one I indicated as "gold"? He is registered "sorrel with flaxen" but others have said he appears smutty palomino. I believe Sheila said one parent was sorrel and the other palomino. He has no dorsal stripe, so is not dun. His color has always fascinated us so would be curious to see what you think.

It would be remiss of me not to mention how lucky we are to be invited to ride at Chance Ridge, just west of Omaha. Dr. Burton and Cindy Smith have truly the best equestrian set-up that I have had the pleasure and privilege to ride. And some of the most awesome quarter horses I have ever seen! I thank them for sharing it with us!


  1. Windy and Ginger really were synchronized and graceful... unlike my "Mac trucks" roaring around bucking and farting! The music is a riot!

    As far as the videotape of me riding,.. well, let's just say it will go to the grave with me, never seen in public. It's very humbling to see onesself in action. Ugh.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and good luck in the drawing for the bridle and reins. That's not a blanket. It's just part of the decor of my home :-)

  3. that was great. Windy and Ginger looked like they were doing pairs in a dressage event.
    I love them all. I would call him dirty Palomino. Sometimes it's hard when they're foals to name their real color.


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