Feb 9, 2009

Weekend Wrap-up

I’ve been working on a blog tonight and never got it finished. It was long and needs pictures and it got too late to put it all together. So I’ll save it for another day. So here I am in bed, it’s 12:21 AM and sleep won’t come.

I had a wonderful weekend. Yes, it’s February in Nebraska but felt nothing like it as the temperatures hovered in the 50’s. I rode about six and half hours on the trails and finished off the weekend riding Windy bareback in the arena and field today. The “not so nice” weather is returning tomorrow.

The above picture is an aerial view of where we rode on Saturday. It’s Homestead Lake, located in Butler County, just about 12 miles from here. Not enough trails to warrant long distance travel to this fine lake, but definitely one us locals can enjoy.

I rode Blue on Saturday. Always wonder if today will be the day he decides he can't load in the two horse trailer anymore, but he didn't let me down. We have a little routine we have to go through to get there: 2 feet first & back out. 4 feet and back out. And then he'll go all the way! We hit two different trails and by the time we loaded for the trip home, he had to lunge a bit before he would "go all the way", but never more than a minute or so total load time. Can't beat it (or him) with a stick.

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