Feb 14, 2009

A Message to the Prince

Dear Prince Welch,

Thank you for gifting me the bells. They are not the devil! They are not evil! I didn't have one notion to spin or buck violently. I find them calming and relaxing.

Wanna put your big boy boxers on and come ride with me?

See you at Expo, you big stud!

Windy Vasa

This just in from the Prince

Windy My Love,

I am so happy that you are bonding with the "Bells of Satan". I would love to ride along side of you, although I must ask you not to wear the bells. I feel that I may crap my big boy boxers and you may not find me nearly as handsome. I must warn you those bells could turn evil and cause you much harm, I recommend you buck as hard as you can until you free yourself from them . You will never have to wear them again after that, you will find that they will then be passed on to some other unexpecting soul. Please come and meet me at Expo, we will will stand side by side as spectator pass by in awe at our beautifulness.

Your True Love.....Prince

(The story of Prince & the bells is posted in the comments section)


  1. Great idea! You're so brave riding in that snow- mine had snow ball hooves this morning- Love the video!! Happy V day!

  2. OMG Windy is FLIRTING! Is Prince going to be her Wink-Wink? I'm impressed with her demenor around the bells!

  3. Still laughing... there is a bit of history with these jingle bells. A few years ago we were chatting on Horsetales about how cool it would be to have bells on the horse. The following was Deb's post:

    "I too had visions of riding in the snow with jingle bells. I tried that last winter. Got a string of sleigh bells from TSC, saddled up, put them around Princes neck and headed out through the yard.......BIG mistake!!! Those bells are scary!!!So run...run as fast as you can to get away from the bells.....the faster you run the more they jingle.....so buck...buck alot....try to break loose of the bells...... the more you buck the louder the bells get......Deb is now airborn and the bells are still ringing.....Deb is on the ground and the bucking continues....bucking..ringing...bucking...ringing...JINGLE BELLS JINGLE BELLS...what a friggin' nightmare!!!! So caution to all of you winter riders......lunge with the bells first...."Free set of jingle bells in Lincoln, used once." "

    So I took the bells off her hands. Of course after her experience, we were apprehensive, but they couldn't care less about the bells!

    The second part is, Prince is a "to die for" bay gelding. Huge & gorgeous. Windy is his feminine counterpart, so they are a matched set.

  4. Thanks for stopping by! Wow - you guys have snow - it missed us, and everything's still brown here, but we have a few snow flakes drifting this morning.

    Love the bells!


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