Mar 24, 2009

Helmet Poll Results

To accompany my recent blog about helmet use, I ran a short survey to see how many of you who read this blog wear helmets. Sixty readers participated in the poll. I think the results are indicative of those who read this blog. In the real world, I would say those that never wear a helmet is a lot higher, especially among casual riders. From my survey,

23% wear a helmet 100% of the time
18% wear a helmet 75 - 99% of the time
15% wear a helmet occasionally
26% never wear a helmet

On the Sunday morning of Expo, my friend Tammy A and I participated in a trail tack demo for Brenda Messick of Messick Tack. I was in a bay mood -- black pants, brown and black jacket, brown and black boots. Of course the goal was to match my bay horse! But my gold helmet just didn't cut it. So I borrowed a new Troxel Cheyenne from a friend. Capped off the outfit quite nicely (pun intended). Talk about a NICE helmet! Check it out! Windy had been quite high all weekend and I was quite happy I didn't have to demonstrate how well the helmet actually worked!

Me and Tammy A at the Trail Tack demo

I appreciate you taking the poll and posting your comments on the original post. I know that post won't make all of you become helmet wearers, but I do hope those of you who have been on the fence about wearing a helmet and find it awkward, embarrassing or out of place will now know I once felt that way, too, but took the plunge and now it has become "the norm" for me and it ain't so bad. I know it's saved my head at least twice! (Okay, so I never told you abut the big tree branch that about knocked me off my horse! I swear, I didn't see it!) And it's super cool if you can find one to match your horse!

If you missed my original post about why I wear a helmet, you can see it here: Hard Headed Woman


  1. Commenting to myself... after I published this post, I looked at the picture and thought "What is that white spot on Windy's leg?" I clicked on the picture to make it larger. Dah! It is Coda's face! (The other horse!)

  2. It was fun being the trail tack models! Thanks for asking me to do the demo with you! I like my troxel helmet but wore my tipperary over the weekend, wow, it was comfortable!

    And thanks to Robyn for allowing to borrow the handsome Coda since my horse was otherwise "engaged".

    It was a fun Expo!! Can't wait for next year!

  3. Weird timing, I am doing a post about helmets right now!! Sorry I missed the original post! I am definitely in the "most of the time, 75%-99%" category. I am hoping to buy a new helmet this coming weekend!

  4. Anonymous9:24 PM

    Thanks for the plug! I wear the Troxel Sierra. I think that is the one that you are wearing. I love it! the Sierra is vented for trail riding. A big thanks to you and Tammy for riding for my demo!

  5. Missed the first post. I have been riding for over 40 years. I have seen what can happen when we climb aboard a 1000 pound animal that often thinks for itself. I wear a helmet 100% of the time when I ride, or drive a horse. I don't want my hubby to have to be changing my diapers or feeding me with a spoon if I had a head injury that did not kill me, but just damaged my brain. And he also wears one every ride.

  6. I really like the color of that helmet. The blue one...sorry..not so much.
    I have a friend with a blue helmet. We joke that it's her bowling ball head. :D

    I suppose they don't make black and white paint helmets, eh?
    I figured I could go with either black or white. Since we are at 7,000 ft elevation and it gets hot here in New Mexico, I went for the white so my head would stay even cooler and the light color would reflect the sun's heat.

  7. Black N White helmet, eh? Hey, you might be on to a new marketing strategy! Helmets to match the horse!

    I loved the look of this "western" Troxel. Jury is out if it is a Sierra or Cheyenne, but it is nice. It did feel a little heavier than my International or Tipperary but might have to add to my list of "nice to have someday!"

  8. Anonymous2:13 PM

    I have a purple Aegis, but I really need to get a new one...the current one is about eight years old. I'd like to try the Troxel.

  9. Anonymous4:50 PM

    I've been wearing a Sierra helmet for the past 2 years and I love it. Kinda matches my chocolate colored mare and very comfy. I usually forget I have it on until I go through a lot of tree branches and I don't have to worry LOL. Great blog!

  10. Ooo, some wise entrepeneur (sp?) should jump all over this, making helmets to match the horse! All us female horse owners would go for that!

    So, what I need is a dapple grey helmet that gradually loses its color...


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