Mar 30, 2009

A Rare Occasion

Two rare events took place at my house tonight. First, Baby, our draft cross, got her turn at going out for a ride and the secondly, John actually rode! By George, I don’t think he has been on a horse since New Year’s Day game day!

It was almost 70 degrees today, but with gale force winds. I wanted to take advantage of the warm temps but wasn’t looking forward to fighting the wind. I had already talked myself into riding Baby – she’s the only one who has had NO time at all on her lately. The last time I rode her, I took a little rock n rollin from her when we touched the electric fence, but for the most part, she is pretty mellow. Just hard to drive with the legs and you tend to have to use the upper body quite a bit. If nothing else, you get quite a workout when you climb aboard the big girl. (See Sheila, I didn't say "plow rein"!)

But John mentioned checking some fence and I suggested if he was going to do that, we should just ride down and check it and perhaps he should put some time on his big horse. And he agreed. I saddled Butter while he bridled Baby & jumped on bareback. I caught up with him down the hill. We rode the fence line, and along the pond and then made it over to the bog which I have Butter crossing now. Baby would have none of that! Her big ol’ feet could have tromped right through it, but John didn’t push her.

Baby is nine years old this year. We have had her since she was a weanling. We have no real use for a big horse like this but she has kind of become a fixture in this horse life of ours. So she stays. Perhaps I’ll ride her next time.


  1. Baby is beautiful! I like the pictures you took of John riding. It looks like beautiful country, and a perfect day for riding!

  2. Baby looks great! It's good that John was riding her- she must be a fairly expensive pasture ornament otherwise. She must eat a lot!

  3. Yay for Baby, to get to be the 'chosen one' for a change! She's cute, in that Belgian-y way. I want to ride her someday (just a tiny little ride, not a whole trail ride)... she brings back memories of Diamond, my uncle's horse. He was really the first horse in my life.

  4. I had the pleasure of riding Baby on a PRR ride. She is such a sweet thing. I had a great ride on her. Thanks for letting me ride her TV! You would enjoy her Sheila. She is so mellow.

  5. I can't believe you were out riding in that wind! It was intense. Of course on a horse that sturdy, probably not such a big deal huh?

  6. Mindee - the wind was horrible! We both had heavy coats on even though it was still almost 70 degrees. The gusts were cold! But he rides so seldom anymore, I wasn't going to miss the chance! :)

    Fantastyk - I think she eats double what a quarter horse does and double the manure piles, too!
    I really want to weigh her the next time we have her in town.

    Pony Girl - Thank you for the compliments on our countryside. Where we live is fairly flat, but Nebraska is pretty diverse. We have all kinds of trails, just no mountains. :(

    Sheila - if you only ride her "just a tiny ride", you'll never experience the "reining". You need at least an hour to get the full "Baby" ride!

    Sam - My only friend who wanted to ride The Babe! And you did so good with her! She was all decked out in your nice Circle Y saddle! And doesn't she have the most awesome trot?

  7. Anonymous3:42 PM

    Tammy - I want to ride her and jump would be earth-shaking in more ways than one, wouldn't it?


  8. Anonymous3:43 PM

    P.S. - I didn't mean to choose "anonymous"...too funny.


  9. Laughing... at signing your name and remaining anonymous!

    You can ride her and jump her, Vic. I'm sure we'll hear her go "Umph" right before she stumbles on those big ol' feet!

    But what is cool is when you get her in a long trot and moving out. It is a rush!

  10. I want to ride her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Anywhere but Oak Glen!!

  11. Vicki7:12 PM

    By the way, in looking at that top photo again - it's an art shot, Tammy.

    You ought to have that blown up and done on a canvas for your living room wall.

    Look at the 1/3/, 1/3, 1/3, land, sea, sky dimensions of it.

    Actually remarkable.


  12. Thanks for the compliment on the pic, Vic. It is a pretty cool shot - don't get many good distance shots especially when I am on a back of a horse! Now if I could photoshop the electric fence wire out of it.... Hmmm. I'll try it!

    Sounds like we need to have a Baby Hit the Trail Day. Sheila, Tanya & Vic can all ride her! She would be so proud!


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