Mar 4, 2009

The Youngest

Case on Ginger

After we endured temperatures below 0 this past weekend, we were rewarded for our perseverance with sunny and 60 today! Whatever! I am so weather weary! This weekend we’ll be springing ahead into daylight saving time and winter hell will be almost over!

I slipped on a sweatshirt and my riding pants and was surprised when I asked my youngest son, Case, if he wanted to go riding with me and he said, “Yes.” He went on to say “Someone needs to take the buck out of Butter!” Guess he heard me complaining about my short ride on his horse last week and pretty sure he thought he would do better! I put a saddle on Windy, he barebacked. The only dry place was down the road.

I am pleased to report there was no buck in Butter. And even though Case hasn’t had his butt on a horse since November, he rides like it was yesterday. He’s probably even better. He’s taller and stronger; just more grown up. Wish I had grabbed my camera... he was in his basketball sweatpants and athletic shoes, AE sweatshirt and his riding helmet! Equestrian chic? Not!

Case has a nice seat and if he had the passion, he could do anything… rodeo and speed events would have been most likely. When I was planting the seed, we didn’t have the right horse for him and he lost interest. His natural abilities go beyond riding; he excels at all the sports he participates in. And the traditional sports are more his thing than the horses. As someone who has never had any natural ability to do anything except talk too much, I find it uncanny he’s from my loin!

Nonetheless, I enjoyed our time together this afternoon… just riding down the road.


  1. lol! "From your loin" hehe
    That is just awesome that you two got to ride together.
    It's great when our kids truly enjoy the same interests and passions we do, isn't it?

    I watched one of my sons ride last night with my friend. He has a much better seat than me and can trot and canter all over bareback. He seems to love that he's better at something than me, too. hehe!


  2. Anonymous7:04 AM

    It's so much fun when kids have these random "gifts" that seem to come from nowhere.

    Do your always wear helmets? It seems like around here not many who ride western do.

  3. Lisa - I love to watch my boys ride. My oldest is limber and mellow and rides like he's taking a little vacation from the world. The youngest is more intense, but so natural. When all 3 boys (husband included in the count), they are all boy! They race, they run... they scare the hell out of me! But wish they did it more often!

    Mindee - the boys and I started wearing helmets about 4 years ago. Had a few accidents that opened my eyes to the fact that "this could have been your head!" Most of the women I ride with -- western, english or a little of both -- wear helmets. My boys complained the first few times but now its just part of our tack. I have a blog prepared about why we wear helmets but haven't posted it yet.

    Its very unusual fro me not to wear a helmet BUT the other day I went out to get my horse so my husband could vaccinate her. It was nicer out than I thought so ended up tying the lead into reins and hopped on bareback. No helmet. To make a short story even shorter, she and I parted ways at the end of the driveway. My butt and pride were all that hurt. But when my horse trotted into the yard without me, my son caught me! No helmet AND I fell off! I got a lecture from a 12 yr old!

  4. Anonymous8:45 AM

    Isn't is awesome when your kid wants to ride with you? Mine is only 8 but she is asking to ride with me more and more often...I LOVE IT! The oldest (16) has no interest in riding (she'd rather just watch them be pretty horses).

  5. Your boys are cool in the fact that they know how much you love it and will go with you and have fun doing it.

    I'm having a blast riding with Vanessa. She has surpassed me in skill. She's a double-loiner though... she didn't have much choice lmao.

  6. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Well I love that you wear them. I hope it catches on. I can hardly watch kids barrel racing without them!

    And I had the same kind of accident last year. My kids never ride without one and I always have one on when I'm around them but . . .on a really nice spring day where a helmet just seemed hot and cumbersome I took our horse through Pioneers Park without a helmet and she and I parted ways while she was at a full gallop. Luckily the turf was springy but boy was I in trouble when the first question my daughter asked was, "did you have your helmet on?"

    Lesson learned. I'll never go without again!


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