Apr 2, 2009


My oldest son is 15 years old today!
I’ll say what all parent’s do…
that time goes so fast.

I’m sure I’ll regret saying this in another year or so,
but I have loved the teen years so far!
Watching him mature from a sassy kid
to a half way reasonable young adult!
Although I didn’t like that voice changing stuff…
all of a sudden he seemed so loud!

I do think it is pretty cool
that we are now the same height.
I picture us dancing in the future.
And finally his feet are bigger than mine,
so no more stealing my shoes!

In 2004, shortly before his 10th birthday,
He fell from the hayloft and broke his femur
Waiting for the rescue squad,
I still recall the fear in his eyes;
And still feel it in my heart.

Twenty-four days in traction;
four weeks in a body cast
Another few weeks on crutches;
the death of his grandfather came next.
He was my hero.

We rode in the Black Hills
not long after he could walk again
Although he’ll never share with me
the passion of the horse
as I had hoped he would
He knows his way around one enough
to impress any horse crazy girlfriend
he may find someday in his life.

He’s his own self.
And I like him just fine the way he is.
Happy Birthday, McCain. Love Ya!


  1. What a special post for your birthday boy! Great pictures from his childhood. He's grown into a handsome young man! ;)

  2. PS: The young horse with the young boy in the top picture is Baby - the BIG horse in the previous post.


  3. Loved this post. My oldest son just turned 10 in January. It is very cool to watch them grow. I try "be" in everyday with both my sons. Does that make sense? It does go so fast!

  4. I agree with Pony Girl, McCain has really grown into a handsome young man.

    You have some dang nice boys there, TV.

  5. Time does fly by. My twins recently turned 6 and each just lost their first tooth within a week of each other! I still remember all too well the sleeplessness and never ending bottles and diapers. Your son is a handsome young man and a gift to you that keeps on giving.

    Happy 15!

  6. They do grow up fast, don't they? You're going to have to watch him with the ladies, he's a doll!


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