Apr 14, 2009

Getting My Groove Back

So maybe I jumped the gun...

After work last night, I worked out at Curves. While there, the sun came out and the day turned pleasant. Any other day I would be looking forward to coming home and riding Windy. What was wrong with me? How could I let a couple of challenging spring rides undo the last four years of success?

To hell with it. I hurried home and changed clothes. Decided I can be just as belligerent as she can as I slipped on my spurs. Haven’t worn them in a while; had to search for them! Saddled her up, jumped on and headed out the driveway. At her first act of defiance, I gently touched my spur to her side. She got the message real quick. Spent the next hour riding the cornfield and beanfield. Would occasionally give her a break in the pasture and let her graze. By the time we got back home, we had come to a quiet understanding.

Tonight I rode her almost 4 miles. Lots of long trotting and some loping. Mostly on a loose rein. We definitely got our groove back. Tomorrow we’ll ride with the Platte River Riders again. I expect she’ll be a little higher in a group, but now that I got my confidence back somewhat, we can work through it together.

Thanks everyone for your comments and private emails of support. I’m not saying I am out of the woods yet, but no longer on the dark side.


  1. Some riders use a little liquid confidance, some use false bravado, and others use a touch of metal confidance. Whatever works. That's great that only a touch of metal on her side was enough to remind her who's boss.

    Happy Trails to you!

  2. I truly needed "a shot of courage" yesterday, but held off! LOL! A friend told me her trainer calls spurs "hearing aids". Yep! They sure are!

  3. I'm glad you had a good ride. I always say it's best to get a little mad rather than scared.
    I need to start riding my horse too, however the weather is not cooperating. It was 29 degrees this morning with a scattering of snow. That's the fourth time we've had snow in a week! Is it winter or spring?


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