Apr 8, 2009

Opening Ride of the Season!

Although I like to think of myself as a year round rider, about December, things slow down and by the time the true winter months roll around, I am just stealing rides on nice days. Horse Expo in March is the unofficial kick off to ride season, but the opening ride of the Platte River Riders is our real start!

A few years ago on a beautiful summer evening, my friend Robyn and I went riding. I remember commenting that it was so nice to just load up one horse, saddle one horse and ride with a friend. Most of our rides are family rides, so I greatly appreciated that I did not have to saddle two more horses or worrying about how the kid's horses were behaving or wanting to backhand either kid off their horse for whining or fighting with their sibling or other nuisance activity! Whew! Did I say that out loud? (Don’t get excited, some of us frustrated mothers just coined that phrase when we hear kids whining on horseback. And truly, I have yet to see one child whisked off the side of his horse by his mother’s hand! Her eyes, maybe. But never her hand!) Anyway, I pondered how many other people, not just parents, but adults would like a night away to just ride with other adults, too. Perhaps they have never been on the trails or have no one to ride with if they were to trailer out?

So we decided we were going to start a “once a week” riding night during the riding season. We call ourselves the Platte River Riders just because. But we are not a club. No dues, no leader. I'd just post on the internet where we were riding & whoever wanted to join us, could. Only strict rules are – we must ride out on time and no kids. Wow! Many others must have felt the same way as we are heading into our 5th season and we now have 4 chapters of the Platte River Riders in different parts of our state.

So tonight is our first group ride of the season! It’s supposed to be close to 60 degrees and sunny! I am looking forward to seeing many who I haven’t seen since the last ride last season!

Although I'll often speak of the rides here as they are an active part of my summer riding, I do keep a separate blog site for the Platte River Riders. Visit us there for ride information! Come join us!


  1. Sounds like fun! Wish I could join you! That first picture is absolutely amazing!!

  2. Oh girl I hear you so loud and clear! Wade and I were just discussing how as parents we NEED some time to ourselves to ride. But then we always feel guilty not taking the kid, ya know? Cause as parents you should if you can. But boy, it's SO NICE when it's just us. I SO hear you on that. You totally hit on what we were just talking about!!

  3. Anonymous3:01 PM

    Great idea. Off subject, can someone walk me through riding a horse in deep water? I have never tried to ride in water where a horse has to swim, but had 1 opportunity and I turned the ride down because I do not know how. Since you had the pictures of the ladies in the water maybe you have some helpful info. Thanks

  4. Mikey, when I first started these rides, I made it fun for the kids, too. They got to go stay with their cousins while we rode. That was a treat for them -- so they looked forward to it, too. Then as they got a little older & could stay home alone, it would be video night for them -- I'd bring home a bucket of chicken and a couple videos for them & that was their treat. And last year, my oldest son was 14, so at some of our rides which were at area lakes, my kids would come with me and I'd drop them off at the fishing spots & they would fish while I rode and then meet me back at the trailer after the ride. If our ride would get rained out, my KIDS were more disappointed as they didn't get their "special" night! So it was always a win/win deal -- kind of took the guilt away.

    As parents, if we look at all the things we do do with our children -- from their school & sporting events to just day to day. It's hard to not feel guilty because its kind of bred into us, but in reality, a few hours once a week is a pretty fair trade.

  5. Anonymous, Riding with others and crossing water is a good way to learn to cross water. Most horses will do it naturally -- they see the horse in front of them going and they just go. Others may be more resistant. Just keep them focused, give them time to relax between "trys". Let them take baby steps. Pressure and release, like everything else.

    Assuming they go in easily, I lift my legs up so my boots don't get wet! Hate soggy socks!

    If the water is so deep the horse has to swim, I drop my stirrups, but make sure I stay with the horse in the saddle. I don't want to be anywhere near his thrashing legs. My older gelding is a great swimmer. My kids love riding him in the water.

  6. We had a great first ride! When we did the "count off" going down the trail, there were 49 riders. I think there were a few others that rode away from the group, so we wouldn't be stretching it to say 50 - 55 riders. I think Annette counted 37 rigs at the trail head!

  7. How exciting! I'm so envious...but in a good way...and very happy for you!

    Have a great time and tell us all about it!


  8. My, that looks like a lot of fun!
    I took my gelding swimming in a flooded river once with 3 other friends and their horses. We had a great time until the train came and scared us. It'a amazing to feel them swimming under you.


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