May 14, 2009

CTR Weekend

It seemed like a good idea at the time… You know… when you are sitting around in late winter/early spring – horse deprived – just looking for opportunities to get out and ride. When I saw there was a Competitive Trail Ride relatively close (within 3 hours of here) in early spring, I was mildly interested. Then thought about Windy being at the trainer's in March and early April and knew she would be legged up… As I said – it sounded like a good idea at the time.

I didn’t factor in that busy weekend before – the annual Friday Before Mother’s Day Ride. And following that, the trail challenge clinic I'd signed up for (another good idea at the time). Followed by the real Mother’s Day, my boys’ year end school activities and then there is that pesky job… Did I really think I had time to not only continue to condition my horse, but to actually get away for a weekend? Well, the weekend is almost here and with a little help from my friends, it’s all a go! I am meeting Robyn and Annette at Jess’s house at o’dark hundred tomorrow morning and we will convoy to our ride at Smithville, MO.

TL: Annette, BL: Me, Middle: Robyn, Right: Jess

We are all CTR newbies. I rode in a competition once a few years ago on Windy’s dam, Ginger. Still a memory I am trying to forget… I guess I’m a glutton for punishment to want to do it again. But this is Windy and my 5th year on the trail and this is just another item to cross off the “bucket list” of our journey together. And despite my joking, she is in great shape right now and I think can handle the distance with ease. It's me I wonder about!

Today is the easy part: loading the truck and trailer. Not unlike any of our normal horse camping weekends. Tomorrow, we will pull into the ride camp at about noon. And the real fun begins! Stay tuned!


  1. GOOD LUCK TV!!!!!!!!!

    It will be a great memory. I can't wait to hear about it!

  2. Hahaha, welcome to my life!

    Seriously, a CTR sounds like great fun. Take pics if you have time!

  3. I want a full report! Considered heading up to this ride, but am heading to one over Memorial Day instead.

  4. Thinking about y'all at the ride this weekend after that nasty storm blew over the ride on Friday. I hear the trails get muddy....


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