May 10, 2009

Horse Weekend - Part 1

The Friday Before Mother's Day Ride

It’s been an all horse weekend! Actually, the weekend started on Thursday night when some of my horse friends pulled in to our yard on the eve of the Friday Before Mother’s Day Ride for our own “trailergate” party! These being the same friends whom I am traveling to a competitive trail ride with next weekend, it gave us an opportunity to chat about the CTR and finalize our travel plans. Our driveway turned into a makeshift camp ground/slumber party; our corrals into a temporary stable! A new tradition was started, no doubt.

We were up bright and early to fold up camp and get to the trail head in Valparaiso and it wasn’t long before the trailers started rolling into town. I recognized many riders whom I only see during this ride, lots of my regular riding buddies, the safety riders and my Horsetales friends -- two of which, Marie and Pam, had three generations of women from their families riding this year’s ride! How special is that! The sun was shining and there was a nice breeze. The weather gods were with us!

This year I was joined by fellow blogger, Valerie of Fantastyk Voyager and her daughter, Sheila! They traveled with their mother/grandmother from New Mexico to join us on the ride and I was truly thrilled they made the trip. I set them up on Ginger and Blue hoping my steady eddies would come through for me. They were a little fresh and forward, but I was glad to see that both Valerie and Sheila were good hands and were able to handle what these “spring horses” had to give. I enjoyed riding and visiting with them and hope they enjoyed the ride as much as I did having them here.

DJ, my safety rider, texted me shortly after the ride started. He counted 123 riders across the first bridge. There were at least 3 late comers plus my husband and his friend, who started at the other end of the trail, so all said, we had 128 riders. A new record! We also set a new record as far as pace – averaging around 4 mph the entire ride. What is usually a 5+ hour round trip was completed in a little over 4 hours.

Special thanks to my husband, John, the safety riders, my friends, Kathy, who rides lead each year, Sam, who organizes the caterer, Loretta for taking pictures and the Horsetales bunch for kicking in gifts for the golden horseshoe game and to everyone for enjoying this ride with me and my good mare. Next year is the 10th year ride. I can’t wait!

Loretta Asche of Asche Photography was along the trail and in Loma snapping some pictures. To view proofs and to order, visit Asche Photography . Enter site & click on Proofing at bottom middle of the page. Type in the Password - horse . And you will see the ride photos. Prices: 5x7 are 5.00. 8x10 are 8.00. 8 wallets are 10.00. If you have any problems or questions , you may contact Loretta Asche via email at .


  1. Sheila and I had such an awesome time!!
    Thanks for loaning us your horses. Ginger and Blue were super mounts!!!
    I loved all the scenery on the trail and Loma was a pretty cool little town! I don't know if my horses would've ever gone over those bridges- wow- we were high up!
    I have never ridden with so many people before!
    I felt like a VIP when your hubby held all the horses while we ate lunch.
    Lucky Sheila to find a golden horseshoe. ;)
    It was truly a memorable event.

    Thanks, Tammy, for making it happen!!!

  2. Also, meant to say "thanks" to John for everything too.

    Thanks so much to everyone for being so welcoming.

    Remember, you are always welcome in New Mexico should you venture out.

    It was wonderful!! Thanks!!!

  3. WOW! That was a lot of riders! It's easy to see that so much planning went into that ride....before, during and after!

    It looks like everyone had a great time.
    And noone got hurt. That's always a good thing, right? :D

    I'm glad Val, her daughter and Mom were able to join you, too.



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