May 3, 2009

No Camera

My camera is broken. I never realized how much I used it until I have nothing but a cell phone for snapping pictures. How does anyone use that? The screen is too little for me to see without my new cool new glasses with progressive lenses which gives me a headache if I wear -- but that’s another story! And to top it all off, I went a whole week without riding. Up until this weekend, the days passed in a blur. Some of my down time was due to company, some days weather related and other evenings I had school events to attend.

My sister Ann (right) and me (left, with cool glasses that don't work!)

Oh, life goes on. My sister and brother were here and we attended a family wedding. One niece got confirmed and the other is preparing to go to Iraq. My youngest son had his last elementary school music concert (the event which crashed my camera) and I cried as they sang their traditional “graduation” song, “Friends Forever” (a rap song, not the country one). And my older son had his concert. Both of these events were captured via Motorola. (If I could see the pictures, I would share them.) But since this blog is horse related, without time on my horse or at least pictures of the herd, I’ve got nothing to blog about. Nothing!

Back to the camera. I love (loved) my camera! It is a Canon Powershot S1IS. Older model, only 3 megapixels. But it has been perfect for me. So even though I was upset that it has failed me, secretly, I’m thinking “hot damn, I can go camera shopping!” I have wanted a DSLR for a long time, but know so little about it that I can’t have that for an only camera and I need a camera NOW! So I upgraded to the 10 megapixel model of the same camera I love so much. Waiting, waiting, waiting for the tracking number. Then BANG! Backordered!

From the archives, Ritz & Bodett guarding the house

So tomorrow, between work, a baseball game and yet another end of year school event, I’ll try to find time to make the obligatory trip to WalMart to buy yet a cheaper digital camera to get me by for the upcoming events. And there are a lot of them planned!

We did have a gorgeous weekend. Yesterday morning we moved the dumb cows down to the lower pasture. (The only thing good about having cows is when we get to herd them!) Dinked in the yard most of the day and rode again late in the afternoon – some arena riding and then out to the field. Today, we headed over to Oak Creek Trail to check the trail for next week’s Friday Before Mother’s Day Ride.

I'm excited that a fellow blogger from out of state -- who I have met only through blogging -- is coming to Nebraska for the ride! How cool is that?


  1. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Tammy hang in there with the new specs. I started wearing the progressive lens 4 days before a trip to France. Had a horrible time judging depth so I was very careful walking down stairs and off curbs etc.

  2. oh, same feeling for me for awhile. I took them off when I walked up and down stairs. Now I have had them for atleast 8 or 9years (has it been that long?), and love them. I just got prescription sunglasses (and NOT progressives, but the bifocal line type, and now I have that fuzzy line where the bifocal meets the other glass. I can't wait until I can changed them in 2 years for progressives. It will be well worth the difference in price!

  3. hehe...and I know who THAT is! lol!
    Sure wish I was coming, too, though.
    Next year, right?!

    I think you and I had the same cameras. Mine was stolen last October, though. What a bummer about the backorder, though. If you don't go the way of the DSLR and you're still loyal to Canon,I'd suggest the camera I have now. The only difference between the one you have on backorder and mine is the Mega Pixels. Mine is 9 and yours would have been 10. Not a huge difference at all.
    And you can see the photos I take on my blog.

    By the way, the glasses may be giving you trouble, but you sure look lovely wearing them :)
    You and your sister are beautiful ladies.



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