Jul 22, 2009

Trail Clearing

This past weekend, our group from the Nebraska Horse Trails Committee met at Rock Creek Station near Fairbury for a trail clearing. While some manual labor was required, most of the work was done from the backs of our horses (and mules). And I really appreciate how well the trail horses will stand as we trim from the saddle, branches falling on their heads and necks and down around their feet. Or the steadiness they exhibit as we reach down to pull dead timber from the trail. A work day can be a great learning experience for a horse! Many hands made light work and by noon on the first day, the major trails were cleared and dirt work done and we got to ride, eat and relax the rest of the weekend. Many of our parks have experienced huge budget cuts, so giving just a few hours of time to our trails can help out the management who makes trails available for us.

Scenes from Rock Creek

I did not participate in Sunday Stills this past week. The subject was “nuts”. Keeping it horse related, I am sure I could have photographed a nice looking stallion and related parts, but didn’t have the opportunity!

On another subject, I have to admit I am not a fan of Facebook. I joined the “community” at the invitation of some friends and quite frankly, I don’t really get it. Maybe my age is showing, but there isn’t a lot that interests me out there. I see a lot of surveys such as “if I were a car I would be a VW Beetle” or “my butt looks like Tina Turner’s”. Notes from casual acquaintances tossing out a one liner about how much they hate to do laundry or that their significant other is having some sort of medical procedure that I know MY husband wouldn’t appreciate me sharing with cyberspace! People give me fake animals which I don’t understand at all and I occasionally get “friend requests” from people I don’t know and it scares me! Luckily I found the “hide” button, so I can tune out some of the dribble. I consider myself a pretty hip person (don’t ask for my kid’s opinion on that) but if Facebook went away tomorrow, I wouldn’t miss it.

On the plus side (always looking for good in everything), I have been able to connect with some friends from my past with whom I’d lost touch for no other reason than miles and time. And that is worth every imaginary flower I have to plant in Facebook’s cyber garden, (whatever the hell that is all about.) And while on the subject and knowing people Google their own names, I have lost touch with a childhood friend named Donna Willett, daughter of Bob (can't remember her mom's name), sister of Wayne, Mike & Desmond (?), who moved from Nebraska to Kansas probably in the early 70’s . We lost touch after a few visits back home. Donna shared my love of horses – had one on her acreage that we would ride. I hope she is well and happy and if you read this, Donna, email me! I would love to say “hey” and see where life has taken you.


  1. I love the covered wagon picture..you?
    I know...aren' the horses great while we clear..I often do it alone and from the top of wa with a saw and clippers..she will take one step, when I erge..then STOP!Then one step and Wait! She knows how to creep through a downed or low tree for me and often takes the branches on her body and we come home totally ridden with bugs and debris!!

    I too have NOT joined facebook..a bit invasive for me and the way you described it..nevermind..I shall probably get a computor cam before I do facebook..and that is NOT happening- anytime soon!

    Well, If you, you have a horse to ride and me as your partner...and that is NO-joke! Comon' down!

  2. We cleared trail last week for our Poker Ride. The horses were incredible. Stef and Julia have trained their boys to be bulldozers. Both horses just push into whatever they are asked to and take down small trees. They can also stand on their horses to place the flagging high enough in the trees that the moose don't take them down. My horse - on the other hand - isn't quite there yet. She does great at riding support though!


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