Aug 14, 2009

Our Horse Personality

We horse people are an unusual bunch, albeit a motley crew. We don't have much use for anything other than "the horse" and "the horse activities". Our car and our clothes usually relate somehow to our horse life. Our jobs may not necessarily be horse related, but it is a means to the end - that being horse related.

How we personify ourselves might likely depend on our audience. When talking to horse friends, how many times with regards to your horse have you quickly, almost apologetically said,

“It’s not [insert horse’s name] fault, it was mine. I shouldn’t have been [doing this, that or the other].”

I’m guilty. I recall saying something similar when Butter smashed my foot or when Windy almost took me under the downed tree when stung by nettles!

“It wasn’t her fault, I had my back turned.”

“It wasn’t her fault, it was the nettles.”

“It wasn’t his fault that he launched me like a rocket head first into the ground!”

We never want our horse to look bad and would rather take the brunt of the criticism ourselves! After all, they are “our baby”. What we ride defines us. And if our horse appears to be psycho, what on earth does that say about us?

Now when talking to non-horse friends, the goal is to exemplify bravado. When hobbling into work, you may mutter something more to the lines of this:

“The damn 1,000 pound horse stepped on my foot. But doing okay – had my boots on, you know…”

“Crazy mare took me under a downed tree. Wasn’t for the helmet, I’d have quite a concussion today!”

“Yep, he shot me off his back like a bullet. He’s got a new name: ‘For Sale’.”

Whether we’re taking the blame for our horse or garnering new bragging rights, horses bring out the extreme ends of our personality. From rage to embarrassment to forgiveness – maybe all wrapped into one. Not unlike parenting, really, where you are most anxious to brag about said child, don’t want to hear advice from those more experienced and turn a deaf ear/eye to undesirable behavior. (Ugh, was this out loud?)

Fess up. What has your horse done to embarrass you lately and whose fault was it; yours or the horse?


  1. Janette7:24 AM

    My boy freind and I went out for along evening ride. We were miles from home, He was along way ahead of me( only because I was Goofing around on the trail.) My horse(Gyspy) is a little frisky in the spring just like everyone else.I decided to catch up, I kicked her in to a dead run. She started bucking. I yelled WHOW. She being the wonderfully horse she is did just what I told her to do. You all know what happened to me.Now I think of my self as a pertty good rider. Whos falt is that.. All I say is what a good horse to stop when I say WHOW!!!!

  2. Such a true funny!

    You know all my embarassing, yet painful experiences. lol!

    On Friday I was hanging out with the horses in the field, and I swear that they wer out to get me. They would walk up to me, blow and snort their noses all over me...and then walk away. lol!

    When I came home I looked down at my shirt and it weas covered in green and brown speckles. ewwww!


  3. LOL! I love the "he has a new name- For sale"!! I dont have a horse at home right now but do own a mare with a ton of character...she is the type that has to stick her nose in everything and has this weird habit of always trying to get her back legs into a matter what it is filled with. It is totally true what you said about the difference in the stories we tell to horsey people or non-horsey people! lol


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