Sep 4, 2009

Cool Change

Although I love these unseasonably cool days (can you believe it was 41 degrees the other morning?),  I worry that winter will be here sooner than normal – which in my book is always too soon. I am hopeful when I hear the weather geeks saying that they are predicting a mild winter. Mild and short would be my preference.

Wednesday marked the conclusion of the regularly scheduled Platte River Rides on the Lincoln side. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I displayed the countdown clock marking the first season ride. We’ll have a combined ride with the Omaha group next week and will regrettably be saying goodbye to a friend who is leaving the state. Seasons are changing.

We are planning on camping over the weekend if we can carve it out around McCain’s football games, football practice and job. In some ways, the older my boys get, the easier it is. But yet in other ways, it brings on a whole new set of challenges. McCain isn’t keen on hanging with us all weekend and the 3 years age difference between him and Case is really starting to show. He lacks patience where his little brother is concerned and Case gets frustrated because they no longer do the things they used to do when we were all together. Whenever I hear that song, “You’re Going to Miss This”, one minute I think “No, I’m not!” and the next minute, I know I will.


  1. YES YOU WILL miss it! Cherish it! My boys grew up and only being 2 yrs between the old two, and 3 yrs between middle and youngest, there was a period in which they just did not click. But that passes and soon they will catch up to each other. Yes it does get "easier" as they get older, but life gets WAY BUSIER! CHERISH EACH MOMENT!

  2. Oooh, that's cold! Yes, we feel it here too. Chilly mornings, hot afternoons!

    I'm not ready for winter yet!

    Tammy, Windy and you are looking good!

  3. Are "they" really predicting a mild winter?! Oh good! I was afraid all this cold meant that we were in for it.

  4. It's already feeling like fall around here...and I am DEFINITELY not looking forward to winter weather! Even when "they" predict mild, we end up with tons of ice and mud any way. :( Ick.

  5. Wow! Your boys look so much older. They really grew up over the summer, eh? (wah!) My two shock me just about every time I look at them....really look at them. They seem to be going through new physical changes every day.

    I think we're in for a seriously cold winter this year. Last winter was very mild with hardly any real precipitation. We didn't even have any below zero temps like we often do each year. But already, we are feeling winter's chill here in New Mexico at 7,000ft elevation. Today it didn't even get above 60 degrees, and last night it got down to 43 degrees! Brrr!
    We've had snow here in September and October so I won't be surprised if it happens, but I miss summer already. I also think our autumn is going to be short or even non-existant.

    I need to stock up on the pantry essentials, winterize the house and barn and get our propane tank refilled. Brrr...



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