Sep 30, 2009

Run, Forest, Run!

I’m feeling like Forest Gump again. Not the quirky, happy, driven (by what?) Forest, but the haggard and tired Forest after his marathon run. And I’m experiencing how he must have felt when he simply quit running. You might recall he was out there in the middle of nowhere, with his groupies jogging behind him, and he just stopped. He was done. Finished. Over. And he went home.

When I signed up for the Stephen’s Forest CTR, I knew it was the week before Cowgirl Weekend and I would be in the saddle a lot for both rides. I wasn’t worried about it. I ride enough that I no longer get saddle sore. But I did come home with aching hands! What is up with that? Someone stopped in my office yesterday and shook my hand and I about dropped to my knees in pain! I certainly don’t ride with a death grip on the reins, nor do I ride in my horses’ mouths. Although someone hinted that I could be showing signs of arthritis (oh, please – I’m so not in that age group yet), I can only think they ache from tacking up a horse twice a day, throwing bales while camping, and carrying water buckets – all without gloves. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!  But I digress.....

I got home late Sunday afternoon and unloaded the horses.  Unpacked the trailer and even cleaned it. Caught up with what was going on in John and the boys’ lives. Read email, watched a little television with Case and headed to bed. And that was my only break!

I got up Monday morning headed to work before the sunrise, followed by McCain’s football game that evening. It was almost 10 o'clock when we got home. And just like Groundhog Day, same song different verse on Tuesday. Then once again today, out the door at the butt crack of dawn! I have literally not “seen” my horses since Sunday evening!

So back to Forest Gump. I am tired. I am done running. I quit. I just want to be home. In the daylight. I want to see my horses. I want to count my chickens (to see how many Bo may have feasted on while I was gone). I want Case to finish his homework before 9 o’clock at night. I’d like to spend more than 10 minutes with McCain. I’d like to be in bed before 10 o’clock.

Sleep, Forest, sleep.


  1. Some days are like that! I know just what you mean. I hope it slows down for you at least a little, so you can time in with your horses. That is what makes the days all worthwhile are those equines we have out in the pasture!

  2. I already have arthritis, I broke my wrist years ago in a riding accident and ever since then I've been in pain, and on long days, like today, my arthritis makes itself known. Hope you get to slow down soon and your hands get to feeling better!

  3. Mrscravitz: I did get home while it was still light and walked out to the pasture. Good for the soul. It was in the low 70's, slight wind. Dogs went with me. Took some pictures and just breathed!

    Sandhills: Ouch on the arthritis. I've broken the same ankle twice & have quite a bit of hardware in there to prove it, but it hasn't bothered me .... yet. Afraid it might someday. Was yours a horse accident?

  4. So will you be at the NATRC ride in Nebraska in a week and a half? I should be there!

  5. Boy, do I know where you are coming from! I have started getting that in my right hand, I think it is from all the hand work I do at work that creates that problem but who knows.

  6. Jonni - I won't be at the Indian Cave CTR. Both my boys have ballgames that weekend. I went to the Stephen's Forest instead. Hoping you all have beautiful weather for that one. I haven't been to Indian Cave for a few years, but it is very pretty in the fall. Good luck, Hank!

  7. Bummer about the aching hands. I've had hip displasia for over 15 years and still suffer from aches and pains caused by the arthritis that has set in, especially during weather changes and when the barometer drops. I don't think I'm in the age group for arthritis either (43), but it seems to hit people at all different ages and for different reasons. Not fun :(

    I feel your exhaustion over your busy week, too. This last week was like that for me. I've spent the last couple days lying in bed, reading, watching TV, playing on the computer, drinking lots of tea....ahhhhhh! So nice.

    Don't ya wish that activities would be more spread out and not always planned during the same time or one week?


  8. Love that St. Bernard (sp?). He's a beauty. Also love the picture of the chickens in front of the red barn.

    I am always surprised at all the aches and pains I've been getting lately. I'm not supposed to get old...

  9. Isn't this phase of life a kicker? I swear that the kids' extra-curricular activities are going to be the death of me!

    Sorry about your hands. Not a good place for pain.


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