Oct 28, 2009

Fall Riding

I’ll be wrapping up this month with the least amount of October Trail Time hours I have ever had! The weather has not cooperated for fall riding, which unfortunately for me, is my favorite time to ride! Thankfully, last weekend we managed to steal some time on the trail, albeit the weather wasn’t the most pleasant. In other words, it didn't totally suck, but almost.

On Saturday, Mary picked me up and we went to the Halloween Ride at Bader Park near Chapman, Nebraska. It turned out to be a small group, but fun. Riders were invited to come in costume. I was tempted, had I the gumption to put together a costume, but I didn’t. There were other activities at Bader Park that day, unrelated to horses. Several young girls at these other activities were drawn to the horses like many of us would have been at their age.

The next day, John and I rode as safety riders for the 4H Poker Ride at Cunningham Lake. It was well attended despite the unpredictable weather. The wind was brutal both days, but thankfully we managed to stay dry.

All in all, I rode about 6 hours and I swear to God, I was saddle sore for the first time in a long time! I’m pretty sure it was the result of an unplanned jump. I thought Windy was going to walk through the water and she decided to leap without consulting me. It wasn’t pretty but I stayed on top. Kind of felt a bit like this bad jumper guy! (I'll insert video when I have more time, but for now you can link to it.)

PS: Regarding my previous rant about fall colors... I stand mistaken. All is not lost in Nebraska. Well, in my neck of the woods, the color is gone, but I've been working at our home office in mid-town Lincoln & surprised at how lovely the trees are in town. So I'm getting a little of the fall colors :)


  1. I've got the MOST trail hours in October ever! Yesterday it started raining and snowing but it didn't stick. This week though is the turning point - temps below freezing day and night.

    The check for my poker hand is in the mail. I got my weekends mixed up and thought the poker ride was this coming weekend. Oh well. Goes to support a good cause anyway!

  2. I love the picture of Windy with the girls. What a patient mare. :)

  3. Looks like fun. Sure wish you'd have dressed up. How fun it would have been to have seen you in a costume. Did anyone else dress up?

    I hope our weather for the Horse Rescue CTR holds up and doesn't snow or become rainy. It's supposed to snow here some more tonight and tomorrow....


  4. I just noticed your tracker on the side of the blog and though that I should fess up to being the "Iowa City" trafficker. I found your blog from a simple google search. I'm often looking for fun horse blogs (there are a lot of bad ones out there) and have enjoyed yours quite a bit.

    Brian (though this is my wife's account)

  5. I always enjoy reading what you are up to,, and one of these days I will get the courage up to go to one of the many trail rides that are here in Nebraska. I would be more motivated if I had someone close to go with!! Love your blog,, its nice to hear from a rider who is in the same "place" mentally, as I am in alot of respects!

  6. Hey, you put speed beads on your horse too!

    Ew, it DOES look cold up there!(You know me, being a fair weather girl, lol.)

    I saw that YouTube of the bad jumper guy. Oh my goodness.


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