Oct 3, 2009


A friend referred me to this blog of horse Halloween costumes.  There are some very good ideas!  I especially like the hippie & the horse wearing bell bottoms!   And the clown at the left is too cute!  Windy would look fabulous as a bee!  Click on over to  Halloween Horse  for some great ideas!

More pictures from Cowgirl Weekend:

I rode Ginger in the games as Windy had a bit of a swollen ankle.  For this game, there were tennis balls that we were to get & transfer to another bucket.  Most of the gals picked up the bucket to get the ball, but being that Ginger is only 14.3 hh, I thought I had a good chance of reaching it.  I reached the balls okay, but ended up spilling the bucket. 

I did a quick dismount to retrieve the ball & held onto it in my mouth while remounting.  Needless to say, we didn't win this game.  We didn't win any of the games.  We didn't even come close!  But Ginger looks dang good, doesn't she?  She is Windy's dam.  No doubt where Windy gets her good lucks from!

Kathy took this picture of Joan (r) and me.  Joan is all cowgirl.  I liked the cowboy hat/helmet contrast.

Best wishes to my friends, Terri and Arron, on their nuptuals today.  Some of you may follow Terri's blog, The Horse in the Mirror.   Best wishes, you two, on a fabulous life together!

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  1. Chris Rider9:41 AM

    You have such wonderful adventures and friends. I really enjoy being able to read about your adventures!


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