It's Back!

ATTENTION weather gods. This is Nebraska. We put up with bone chilling winters, spring tornados and hot humid summers because we know the best is yet to come. Every year we are rewarded with the most sacred time of year: Fall. Changing colors, burning leaves, football games, and sweatshirt weather. Rides throught the country without sweaty saddle pads. Anything goes. Typically, we get this nice break until about the week before Thanksgiving. Then we see the doctor about refilling our happy pills and hunker down for the next few months of winter hell.

But this morning, October 10th, 2009, we woke up THIS! Several inches of snow on the ground and my weather bug is screaming 28 degrees. THIS.IS.NOT.RIGHT. Winter cannot / should not cut into our fall time. The horses’ coats aren’t thick enough for this. They are calling foul! The St. Bernard has moved inside! We haven’t had an Indian summer!


This is 15 HOURS LATER!

Most of all, my brain is not prepared for this. I have plans! If this is the official start of a long winter, I want out!


  1. Oh W.O.W!!!!
    I'd want out, too! I really thought we'd have snow already as it does happen up here this time quite often. We even had a huge dip in temps, but we just don't have enough moisture to bring on snow. We are so dry ,and we didn't even get a good monsoon this year. Maybe two good rains all year long, and our grass only grew about 1/4 inch. Not good.

    I so want the moisture, but I don't want that white stuff, especially not until Christmas! lol!

    Your dogs don't look very impressed either.

    Stay warm. Maybe it'll melt quickly and your Indian Summer Autumn will return?

    Maybe this snow was just a 'sneak peek'. (gah!)


  2. That's not fair! Hope it melts soon.

  3. I think the weather gods swapped our weather for yours! Unseasonably warm here at 55 degrees today and no s-n-o-w!

  4. Ugh. My thoughts exactly. Now our fall foliage is kaput and winter just got extended a month.

    I remember when the first snow used to make me happy. I'm getting old and crabby.

  5. "The Best is yet to come...." I kept singing that song in my head as summer got to the end but then the bone chilling temps roll in and the SNOW!! I stood out in it this morning thinking SERIOUSLY!!!! Gah sometimes I just wanna move South.... I want out too!!!

  6. I think you should all move to Arizona. Why doesn't everyone live in in AZ? lol, I don't know how you do it!

  7. I am sorry, but I have to say I am so glad that it hasn't arrived here yet! I even hate to think of snow. Do you usually get snow this soon.

  8. Mikey. Two words would keep me from Arizona. Rattle Snakes! LOL!

    Twenty four hours later, the snow is about gone. Still cold - I think weather bug said 32 this morning. Agree with Mindee that our fall foilage is probably foiled this year... :(

  9. I agree about the rattlers. And don't worry Tammy it's snowing here and I hear that North Platte has like seven inches, I haven't double checked that. I've come to the conclusion that the melting snow is a trick!!! It all melts away then in a couple of days it comes back twice as thick!!!!!!

  10. Oh Mikey! Don't forget about those summer temps in AZ. Has it already cooled off enough that you've forgotten, too? Or did the 110+ degrees fry your poor brain cells. gah!
    I can take the cold, but not the heat. Like my granny always said, "You can add more clothes, but after you get naked, there's nothing else to take off to get cool" lol!


  11. Supposed to be 90° here tomorrow. Not sure which is worse. Hang in there, girl, you'll get our fall!

  12. Now I feel bad for complaining about a little wind...


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