Oct 21, 2009

Trail & Poker Ride on Sunday

My friend, Shari, has been so helpful to me in my preparation for and competing in Competitive Trail Riding. So in return, I want to give her a little pub for an event which she has coming up this weekend.

The Nebraska 4-H Hippology Team is hosting a trail ride fundraiser this Sunday, October 25th, at Lake Cunningham to raise money to compete at nationals in Denver. There are many awesome RAFFLE PRIZES, including unique horse pottery, a handmade horseshoe end table, picture frames and much more. Each entry or meal paid gets a ticket, and additional tickets may be purchased for $1. There are CASH REWARDS for the top 3 poker hands. Plus, THERE IS A TACK SALE and have been some great donations of headstalls, show blankets, girths, helmets, stable supplies - all new or like new! Brats and burgers fresh off the grill following the ride.

Come and ride with us! Or just join us for the meal and the prizes! Whenever horse people are together, it's a great time! Click on above picture for event information.


  1. There's a team from Alaska competing in Horse Bowl. It's not my team (we're looking at 2011) but a great group of girls. Can I send money for a poker hand and someone can pick up my cards?

  2. Thank you, AKPG. And good luck to your team in 2011! Shari is the chairman and I am sure she can hook you up. Her addy is Katbalu96@aol.com .

    I see you have some new pics posted over on your blog. Will have to spend some time over there catching up. Looks like YOU are getting OUR fall! :)

  3. Shari Parys11:57 AM

    AKPonyGirl, we'd love to pick up your cards and would greatly appreciate the support. You can send money to Shari Parys, 11422 S. 237th St., Gretna, NE 68028. If a check, make payable to "Douglas/Sarpy 4-H" with "Hippology" in the memo area.
    Thanks, Tammy, for the great publicity for our event!

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