Oct 8, 2009

PRR End of Season Ride Canceled

Due to a poor forecast (37 degrees & snow!), this weekend's Platte River Riders end of season ride has been canceled.  I don't know about the rest of you, but I can't deal with snow in October.  What is UP WITH THAT??  It's going to be a long winter....


  1. We are getting snow TODAY!!! I was most unprepared, the horses don't even have their fuzzies yet!!!!

  2. Pffffttt, I am heading to the NATRC ride at Indian Cave in Nebraska right now. And to think I drive about 500 miles to ride in the cold, wet, maybe snowy conditions!

  3. Good luck at Indian Cave, Jonni! After our ride was canceled, I thought briefly about going there instead just to see what me and my pony were made of! But I have company coming (coincidentally from TX) on Sunday & couldn't make it all work.

    Our ride was to be held at Camp Moses Merrill. It is a private campground and they close their trails if there is rain, snow or ice. But polling our club, only one person was willing to come, weather be damned!

    Hoping this weekend is the last of the bad weather we will see for awhile!

    Good luck to you and Hank. Have fun!

    Sandhills: How much snow did you end up with?

  4. Sorry about your weather! Thanks for visiting my Journal (Yes, John Belushi). I just looked at yours. What a beautiful place you have...love the pictures of the ponies and pups.

  5. we only got half an inch and it melted by mid afternoon, we are expected to get over two inches between tomorrow and sunday, then its supposed to be 65 degrees the next couple of days... its just great especially when the horses are trying to grow their fuzzies... but I really can't complain about 65 degrees... gotta love Nebraska. TXtrigger good luck at Indian Cave hopefully your drive wont be wasted!


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