Oct 4, 2009

Sunday Stills ~ Happiness

Sunday Stills is a place to hone your photography skills. Each week Ed issues a new “Challenge” that gives us the opportunity to pick up what ever kind of camera we own and try to meet the challenge. This week's challenge is "Happiness".  How can I pick just one?  This blog could go on and on with my favorite things that make me happy.  But because I am late in getting the post up, I'll just go with a few.  Which to choose, which to choose.....  Since this blog is horse related, I'll start there:

Of course Windy is one of my favorite things; my partner in all things horse. 

And the herd, with the dogs keeping watch.  (Are we keeping you up, Bo?)  I love going out to the pasture and just mingling with the animals.   

Horse trail riding.  The scenery, the views, the friends, the trails.

And horse camping.

My boys have forced me to become a football fan.  Support the home team! Note #55 -- That's my boy!  I'm even happier when we are winning.  It's been a challenging season to say the least.

McCain is the one in the center in white with his hand on another's head.  Not sure if that is legal or not, but he got the job done!  I'm very happy when he has good plays.

Case is #17 in gold, with red socks.  He is the one who has the ball.  Happiness is when he gets up from the pile and looks for me in the audience as if to say "how'd I do?"  This is how we spend our fall evenings!

And last but not least -- well, maybe so -- are my chickens.  They started out McCain's chickens and he lost interest.  So I adopted them.  They are pretty cool and very photogenic. 

"And these are a few of my favorite things....."


  1. That first photo is just dreamy beautiful!
    Windy looks so sleek and shiny in that second photo. And check out your boys! Wow! Football stars and all! You must be proud of them :)

    Yeppers, lots to be happy about around your place :)


    ps...gorgeous chicken! I hope you post about them some more in the future.

  2. Anonymous12:43 PM

    That rooster is a real beauty. And a very nice herd of horses. Is your dog a horse herder? :)

  3. Happiness all around :) Look at your boys, they are making you proud, aren't they? Your pets looks happy too ;)

  4. Great post. That rooster is a beauty! The colors are amazing.

  5. Very cool, beautiful country! Lucky you to have 3 boys on different teams..:-))

  6. Beautiful colors!
    Ah yes, mingling with animals...could anything be nicer???

  7. One of the things that makes me happiest is horses...I'm not fortunate enough right now to have one, but hope to one day again. Lovely photos.

  8. I know I would be happy there! :) Loved the first one!

  9. Hey Tammy, thanks for commenting on my blog! Windy is gorgeous....

  10. Go team Red go! I love the the first photo, very scenic! Your horse is very lovely!

  11. I'm really getting to love chickens, it makes me happy whenever I see one! This one is a beauty!

  12. VEry beautiful pictures... and lots of things to be happy about!!!

  13. Anonymous2:02 AM

    beautiful photos :)

  14. Nicely done! I love your horsey photos, and the ones of your boys are soooooo sweet!! :)

  15. Excellent post, that first photo looks like a painting very nice. Your area is lovely wish I could ride there. Yes I would say you have a lot to make you happy.

  16. Sounds like you have lots that make you happy! Great pics!!

  17. Gorgeous places...especially your pasture scene. Pastoral! And also side splitting funny!
    When I scrolled to the St. B dog in the pasture, along side the horses...He is as big as a pony!

    You are rich in Happiness, I'd say!
    Thanks for the keen eye on the heart...I lost a dear riding partner..to meet another within days...that actually snuck- up- on me, till you pointed it out!

  18. Wow, that first picture is amazing!!


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