Nov 1, 2009

Come Along for the Ride

We've been talking recently on Horsetales about riding alone. Many find solitude in it while others don't feel safe. For me, I just enjoy riding with other people from a social aspect. When we awoke to sunshine today and I had no plans to haul out to ride, I decided to head down the road alone. I grabbed my camera and with this blog in mind, thought I would share my ride with you.

I grabbed my halter and went down to the pasture. Blue knows he doesn't get chosen too often so he saunters up to me for a back scratching. I liked how the sun was warming his face and took this picture from behind him. I made my way over to Windy, haltered her and tied the lead rope to the halter. Sidled her up to some downed timber and slid on bareback and rode her up to the house for saddling.

With my White Shepherd, Ritz, and St. Bernard, Bo, we headed down our roads. I noticed shortly after we turned this corner after trotting for about 3/4 of a mile, we had lost Bo. He doesn't have the stamina that Ritz does.

The church in the distance was our first destination, about a mile & 1/2 from where I stopped to take this picture.

Approaching the church, there is a small cemetery on the hill. The old rectory behind the cemetery is rented out by the parish.

Mass is still held every Sunday at Sts. Cyril & Methodius Catholic Church. John recently redid the front entrance to this church, putting in the new double doors.

After passing the church, we continued west to the next mile road. Ritz still in the lead.

Corn harvest has been delayed due to the wet weather. Sunshine is forecasted for the next week, so I beet the farmers will be out in full force!

The farmers got most of the soy beans harvested before the rains started, but here is a field that didn't get finished. See the old abandoned homestead in the distance?

Let's stretch our legs a bit! Listen to the hoofbeats.

Years ago, the elderly couple who lived here won the Powerball jackpot. It wasn't a huge pot compared to what some have won. Perhaps $6 million or so. I remember seeing them on the local news and when asked what they were going to do with it, their needs were very simple. It was as if they hadn't grasped what millions meant. I don't recall if they moved to town after their win, but both were in poor health and died within a few years of their new found wealth.

We've traveled a little over 5 miles and have turned toward home.

Our farm is in the distance.

Windy has started to call for her herd.

After 7.5 miles, not too many sweat marks, even though we trotted quite a bit of the way.

Anxious to head back out to pasture.


  1. Thanks for sharing the ride with us. Your rolling hills and flats, and all those fields are so different than what we have around here. Very pretty. And lots of dirt roads to ride.

    The video was quite a thrill. Not many hoofbeats to be heard, just the wind in Windy's mane and I was starting to think "umm, can we slow down?" I'm a wimp. lol!

    I enjoyed taking my mare out alone, more than riding together with anyone, actually. I think I was more in tune with my horse and her, I. We had some good rides just the two of us. Seems so long ago already.


  2. You're fortunate to have such scenic riding all around you. That church is beautiful.

  3. Looks like a great day for a Ride. We are having some pretty awesome weather here in No. TX, and I got out on the pinto for a couple hours today. I ride 99% of the time alone. I'm picky who I ride with, and have just a few that can tolerate how they ride. Mostly distance riders who know the pace we keep. I call or text hubby, tell him what trail I am taking, and text him when done. Carry cell phone ON me, in an MP3 case that straps on my ankle

  4. Wow! You have some awesome roads to ride on! Loved the video of the galloping. I am amazed you held the camera pretty still! Smooth ride.

    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. It helps to know that I am not alone in this.


  5. Love-Love-Love those roads!!!!
    Are they sandy? Looks like it, very cool.
    We'd have some fun withya there,the open road is Washashe's favorite way to travel..she is so very claustrophobic.
    That first picture in the field, before you went out...pretty cool.
    I really smiled with your video! SweeetWindy.
    You have such a gorgeous horizon ...loved the church and cemetery.

    Thanks for that ride
    (I will always be saying-like you-I so enjoyed your ride too!!!)
    See you very soon...maybe with the group next time..I will have to view the "Horsetales".
    Kacy w/ Wa mare

  6. Love the roads that you have, perfect for riding! Beautiful scenery too!
    I only ride alone in the arena, I don't feel safe trail riding alone, not because of any weirdo's or anything, more because of the horses I have. They weren't really trained when I got them, so they are still learning the ropes of the trails, especially my Arab! I don't even think I could get her down a trail alone.
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  7. That was a beautiful ride. Incredible sunrise and what a picture perfect church.

    I prefer to ride with company too, but sometimes it is difficult to coordinate schedules. It's nice that you can go out alone when an opportunity like this comes up.

  8. What a wonderful ride and a gorgeous, thanks for taking us along! I envy your roads...we have tons of back roads where I live, but our wonderful state decided to pave them all. I'd really rather they just left them dirt/gravel.


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