Nov 18, 2009


In an effort to keep some horse activity going through the winter months, our Horsetales group has started a photo challenge each week based on something similar I saw online. Simple rules: One member selects a single word and those who want to participate in the challenge must capture their horse demonstrating that word.

Leigh selected this week's word: Move. That is her photo at the top of this blog. We had some great representations of the word from other members as shown below.

The above 3 photos were taken by Tammy A (Sam) of Chic, Apache & Barney, the Mule

I took this picture of Blue. His mares had already went to pasture & he didn't realize it and was trying to catch up.

Sheila snapped this high tailin' photo of Deb's horse, Jim

Submitted by Sandy R of fellow Horsetaler, Mary H. and Duke

The above photos were taken by Corie R of Zip and Charlie

Julie S took this picture of Trey

Sandy R's son, Jason on Whiskey

Shari P said the barn door is open & Wiley is on the move for food!

Jessica D provided the following description of her picture:

"Move!!" used as transitive verb ~ to dislodge or displace from a fixed location: BUDGE.

I am sure "Move" was followed by "D*mn it!!"

Taken by Krazy Cindy

Contributed by Shelly P.


  1. This sure looks like a lot of fun! Great pictures!

  2. Check that out...very good!! What a fun challenge!

  3. Excellent photos! I love seeing everyone's interpretation of "move."

  4. Some super representations of "move" here!


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