Nov 13, 2009

Playing Games For Trails

I was hopeful when the weather forecast said only a twenty percent chance of showers today and almost 60 degrees. It was threatening rain as late as yesterday, so for once things seemed to be going in my favor. Wrong! About an hour before I was to get off work this noon, I looked outside and it was lightly raining! (Big sigh.)

I am chairing a mounted game day next weekend on behalf of the Nebraska Horse Trails Committee. This year, rather than have all the events speed in nature, we decided to have several classes of trail challenges. So this afternoon, I invited a couple friends over and using my horses, we had a dry run of these classes. I was curious how well these games would work from the saddle because until today, I’d only walked through them in my head. Although the day stayed misty and cool, we continued on with our plans. All the horses took a turn; even Baby, our draft cross! We worked in the arena for about two hours and found some of the games will work well, while some need tweaking. Overall, it should be a fun game day.

Sheila on Butter

The Nebraska Horse Trails Committee’s Game Day is one of our major fundraisers with proceeds going to supporting horse trail projects in our state. Our “working fund” is earmarked for providing assistance to horse friendly parks. Big ticket items provided by our committee have included corrals at two popular horse camps, contributions toward an outhouse at another trail head, signage, and sweat labor and/or matching funds needed for grants. It’s good to have funds available when parks ask for help. It’s our way of showing the land managers how important their trails are and giving back to those who share their parks with us.

Carol on Baby

So trail riders unite! Come and join us to replenish the fund! This year’s game day will be held Saturday, Nov. 21 at 3V Stables north of Ashland, NE. See their website for directions. Registration at 11:00 AM, games begin at 1:00. In addition to the games, we are having a silent auction with some great items! And will be raffling off a gently used snow blower, donated to the Trails Committee by a friend of the trails, who has since flown south. Bonfire and potluck dinner following the games! I hope to see you there!

Sheila on Butter

In other news: You may recall my post about the land grab in Gretna for my friend’s family farmland. The city hoped to buy (steal) their land to build a soccer field. Sanity has prevailed. The Gretna Breeze reported that the City Council meeting scheduled to discuss to request for land through eminent domain (thievery) has been canceled and won’t be rescheduled. Evidently they didn’t know the power of my friends and those that stood behind them! You can bet they will continue to keep a close eye on what their elected officials are up to next, should this rear its ugly head again. It’s a good reminder to all of us to do the same.

Finally, Kansas City, Kansas City... here we come! Some friends and I are heading there later this weekend. We have tickets to meet the Pioneer Woman at her book signing on Monday! I feel like such a groupie!


  1. I am so jealous! Have a fabulous time in K.C. and take lots of pictures.

  2. I recently won the cookbook on Patches blog. And I love it! Has y fave recipes inside and so many great photos and stories. So much more than just a cookbook, eh? Lucky you to go to the book signing. It's rare than anyone famous passes through New Mexico. I think they must believe they need a passport to come here. lol!

    I love your generous selfless philosophy on giving back to the parks to support horse trails and to support your neighbor friend so they wouldn't steal her land.

    You rock!


  3. That looks like a lot of fun! Right up our alley.

    I was really glad to see that they're leaving your friend's property alone!

    I also enjoyed reading about the good the Humane Society is doing.

    Have fun on your trip!


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