Sunday Still ~ Horses!

Sunday Stills is a place to hone your photography skills. Each Week Ed issues a new “Challenge” that gives us the opportunity to pick up what ever kind of camera we own and try and meet it. This week's challenge is horses! How exciting is that? And as tempted as I was to dig into my archives for some really, REALLY, good ones, I took the real challenge and snapped these this past week. Nothing real exciting, but life on the farm as I know it.

I got ambitious and cleaned out the tack room of the barn. Case's horse, Butter, and my mare, Windy, were curiously watching.

Blue does not have the best conformation, so rarely do I take full body shots of him. However, he is one of my most photogenic horses and always poses beautifully for head shots. I can't tell you how many pictures I have of him with a pose similar to this.

(Note what I said above about Blue & full body shots!) The mares had went down to pasture without Blue. He must have been posing for that picture above and wasn't paying attention. So in this photo, he was "high-tailing" it down to the pasture where the mares were. Bo isn't chasing him, per se, but just running along with him. St. Bernards (at least mine) aren't known for their energy level. He petered out shortly after this picture was taken.

Other News! The Nebraska Horse Trails Committee Game Day was held yesterday and was a HUGE success! I didn't pull my camera out once - darn it - but hope to have some shots from others who did and will blog about it in an upcoming post. Thanks to EVERYONE who came out and participated. Our expectations were exceeded!


  1. Beautiful! I love the perspective in the first shot, from behind the cantle. Nicely done! :)

  2. Tammy...thanks for the visit. Liked all your shots and checked out those in the "move" section. I also read Ree Drummond...your road trip must have been a blast. I did not get the cook book yet...I'll bet you did and it is signed.

  3. Great shots, just goes to prove you don't need an expensive camera for great shots..:-)

  4. Anonymous12:13 PM

    Great shots. Love the onlookers pic. :)

  5. These were all great, but I love the one of Butter and Windy having a thoughtful conversation about the merits of tack room cleaning as they watch you. So funny!


  6. HAHA! I love how you said that you could have gone into the files for some " Really, REALLY, good ones"...
    OH THESE ARE REALLY good one dear!! Love the first one with your baty looiking back for you there!! All are fab and was this the best challenge, so unusual(not) for us! I had to laugh when I found out!
    Have a lovley reflective and peacefull Sunday time!

  7. Enjoyed them all, but really like the first one!

  8. Great shots of your horses. I love the St. Bernard running with him to catch up.

  9. Wow, you have great shots! Especially the third one; great colors.

  10. Anonymous3:47 PM

    your el' cheapo camera did a great job or maybe it was you ;)

  11. Fantastic shots. The shot by the barn is really nice with a clear focus on the horse. The dog picture and story is funny too. Much like my Bloodhound - energy level on high doesn't last long and doesn't come often.

  12. Great pics! I love the perspective of the first one.

  13. Interesting shots - especially love the first one!

  14. You are quite the photographer. Those are beautiful pictures! I love the red cantle with the red barn in the background.

  15. My bro had a cattle farm, each of his 3 girls had a horse. On eof them alsdso have a pig that grew ad grew. The pig was bullyin gthe horses. One day, of of the horses got so fed up that she kicked and killed th epig.

    My sis in law got the tractor, drove the pig to the bush to feed the digno, wild australian dogs.


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