Dec 12, 2009


My baby is a teenager today.

How did that happen so soon?

The first 12 years
just flashed before my eyes.

In front of me stands a young man.
A bit mouthy, at times.
Tough. And I hope street smart.

He wasn’t even 4 years old
When I put him on that first horse.
Barefoot and helmetless.
I could have been a feature on Fugly

He learned to ride
Because it hurt to fall off.
He doesn't remember
When horses weren't a part of our lives.

You should see him now.
He’s a natural.

Unfortunately for me, it is not his passion.
His satisfaction comes
From touchdowns
And home runs.

But I still love to watch him ride.

Happy Birthday, Case.

I Love You!


  1. Happy Birthday Chase! They grow up so fast, I can't believe all three of mine are in their 30's with children of their own.

  2. Happy birthday, Case!

  3. Aw, what a great post! Wonderful pictures to go with. I hope he has a special day.
    Had to LOL at the Fugly feature comment! ;)

  4. Happy Birthday Case! Welcome to your teenage years!

    And mom, glad you taught your young man to ride. He survived without the helmet in those early years as most of us did. But of course now I KNOW what can happen to my brain.

    And cute photos. Of course, being a teen now, I bet he does not like to be thought of as "cute" by strangers on the blog. lol

  5. He certainly does look like he belongs on a horse. Happy Bday!

  6. That almost makes me cry! I don't want them to grow up so fast! But isn't it a joy when they are so natural! oh, and when they get mouthy...just tell them that this is what dad wants them to do! lol It worked for me. Must be a guy thing!

  7. Happy Birthday, Case! They do grow fast and he looks wonderful on a horse. He probably looks great on the football field too.

    My daughter turned 13 this year too. She also started riding at 4 and doesn't remember life without horses. And she's a natural too and become a really good rider. So far, horses are her passion and her adrenaline rush is barrel racing.


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