Dec 31, 2009


I usually write my blog and then look for pictures to go with it. But in this case, I am having a hard time recapping 2009 - so many good times! So I looked to the pictures first for inspiration and I'm smiling. Despite the fact that it is 7 degrees right now and there is over a foot of snow on the ground, it was a good horse year!

I started the year with setting my Trail Time goal: Three hundred hours in the saddle. The year started out strong! We had a lot of nice days in late winter plus I started to condition for a Competitive Trail Ride (another goal), so I was way ahead of plan. But the arrival of winter in late fall quickly changed things. Yes, I made it - 313.5 hours, but didn't exceed the time by as much as I had hoped. I rode over 650 miles and put almost 5,000 miles on the truck for horse related activity. With the price of diesel, I don't want to do that math!

On my bucket list was riding Windy in a Competitive Trail Ride. In May, we traveled to Smithville, Missouri and despite getting 5" of rain in 2 hours the previous afternoon, we did it. Not only did we complete the ride, Windy came home with the coveted 6th place! We had so much fun, we did it again in September! I said it was just to "get it out of my system". But I hate to admit, I've kind of got the bug for the sport, so who knows what 2010 may bring in that regard.

Throughout the years, horses have been a family hobby. I have to admit that it was more my thing than the rest of the family, but they continue to humor me though not as frequently anymore. My boys have turned out to be good riders and although it is not their passion, I joke that I have prepared them well to be a good horse husband to some horse crazy girl they may hook up with later in life!

My circle of horse friends is incredible. I have said many times and will say it again, if I can't find someone to ride with, I must not be asking. From our Wednesday Platte River Rides to our Horsetales trip to Big Canyon, day rides to weekend camp trips, I truly do not think I would enjoy this horse life as much as I do without friends like this to share it with.

And I won't brag anymore on my horse.
You all know how I feel about her!

Thank you all for an incredible horse year.
I can't wait to do it all again in 2010.
Happy New Year!


  1. I have a horse crazy girl. We'll have to talk - in about 10 years!

  2. Wow! Congratulations on meeting your riding goals for the year. That's awesome! What is your goal for next year? I would love to meet up with you this summer. If I ride one horse and pony another, can I double my riding time stats? lol!


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