Dec 19, 2009

Barnyard Shots

It's the shortest day of the year! It's all uphill from here on out!

Our holidays begin this weekend with my family coming up. Prime rib is primed, two different soups are in the crock pot. McCain has a recital this afternoon. There won't be much time to post until things quiet down.

Here are some pictures I took over the last week. The snow still lingers, but it has warmed up to the 20's. As miserable as the weather feels, it makes for nice pictures.


  1. Great pictures and what a beautiful dog. Have a wonderful time for the holidays with your family and friends.

  2. yes, it does make for pretty pictures, but I'll bet it's cold!

    Stay warm and enjoy the family!
    Happy holidays!!

  3. Those are some beautiful shots! Winter sure does have its beauty!

  4. Aw, so peaceful and pretty! I just love the way the world looks after a snowfall. Glad it's "warmed" up a bit for you! Enjoy the recital. I am glad the days are going to get longer too....


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