Dec 28, 2009

The Calvary Wears Green

John was unsuccessful in bringing his tractor up from the shop. There is still too much ice on the county road. He made it half way up our hill and started spinning out. He had to go back. He attempted to come through our pasture and then through the alfalfa field, but the terraces are too deep with snow. It was time to call in the calvary; our neighbor on his big green tractor.

Ron was very surprised to find us buried under so much snow. Living just down the hill from us (his farm is behind the treeline in all my sunrise pictures), his buildings and trees allowed the snow to pass through without much drifting.

Now this is moving snow!
(Pay no mind to the flying monkey at the end of the clip.)

It didn't take him long to open it all up for us. The biggest challenge was where to put all the snow. God help us if another storm comes in because there is no room left - we are piled high! And I can't imagine what the drifting will be like the next time so we are praying there won't be a next time until these piles are gone!

No sooner was the driveway cleared than we hopped in the Durango and went to town. We needed milk and were getting low on dog food, but nothing we couldn't have survived without. We were more curious what the rest of the county looked like. And it was strange, but we didn't see near the chaos we expected. It was like we had our own little hell going on upon our hill, but the rest of the world was scooped out. The highway was clear. The snow piles left in our driveway by the big arse John Deere are bigger than what we saw along some of the roads. I'm not saying it wasn't bad, its just the winds must have been just right to cause incredible drifting on our farm; the perfect storm.

Pulling into our yard, I was thinking about how just two days earlier we plowed through this same driveway on our horses; snow up to their chest. And now here we are, business as usual, and back to our regular scheduled programming.....


  1. Guess green is your favorite color now, huh?

  2. Whew, good neighbor! What a white, winter wonderland!!

  3. Thank God for good neighbors.

    That was too funny--your own little hell going on upon your hill. I hear you. I tell you, everyone got it. We got two feet and we barely get two inches normally here in Virginia and then all the way up to Jersey they got two feet also and we traveled through it all. Couldn't get away from the snow! Even one of my blog buddies in England got a bunch of snow!

  4. The Green Cavalry had to come save us too!! I will have to get out and take some pictures tomorrow when I am home during the daylight, so I can share the enormous snow piles we've got as well. We have one pile that is over 15 feet tall, and it is not man made!! The winds were really something!


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