Dec 21, 2009

Colorado &/or Wyoming Horse Trail Riding

Have horses, will travel. I've been north, I've been south and I've been east. It's time to head west! And I’ve learned if I want to find the best trails, either ask the locals or other trail riders who have been there, done that and who are willing to share their recommendations. So I am asking....

We would like to go horse trail riding and camping this summer either in northern Colorado or southern Wyoming with our four horses. We are looking for horse camping with access to mountain trails with spectacular views. Medicine Bow? Roosevelt? Routt National Forest? Prefer camping on Forest Service or National Park property, but will consider private ranches, as well. No amenities necessary other than water and easy access to the trails.

If you know of a place you would recommend, please drop me a note in the comments. Be sure to provide a web link or other helpful information. Your contact information would also be helpful should I have any questions. Or if you prefer, email me privately at I’m looking forward to hearing from you! It's never too early to start planning!


  1. I don't know of any trails, but I can suggest outlet malls!

  2. I really loved the trails at the Purgatory NATRC ride, up above Durango. I know, more south than you mentioned. I know we only saw a tiny bit of the trails in that area. Had a nice camp area with some corrals where we parked.....

  3. How nice that you all enjoy doing this. You are very good with your camera! The photo below (stopping for a rest) is exceptional.

  4. I would also love to hit some trails in that area!! Would be so much fun.
    Hope you find some great places to ride!

  5. Anonymous10:26 PM

    awesome perspective on the photo

    i was just stopping by to wish you a merry christmas and say i've really enjoyed visiting your blog

  6. That is a really great shot of their legs and tails. Just look at those tails!

    Let me know your plans and maybe I can meet you there...

  7. Of course, I'll need to start "yesterday" getting my horses in shape, right? lol.

    There are so many great riding areas I've heard about although I haven't been. The farm where my Yalla's dad is from is up in the Gunnison area. It looks beautiful there> Also, Estes Park... gosh stick a pin in a map!

  8. The three corners area ( Utah, Wyoming, Colorado) has lots of trail. The Uinta Mountains run East and West from about the Colorado/Utah state line to Park City area, just south of the Wyoming/Utah state line. This area is mostly Wilderness. 7-8 trail heads accessed from the Wyoming side ( usually less than 30 miles from I-80, so easily accessed) and another 7-8 trail heads on the South slope accessed from hiway US-40. Almost all the trail heads are at the end of the forest service road and terminate close to the wilderness boundaries and usually near streams. Back Country Horsemen have built corrals at a lot of these trail heads.

    Heading North into Wyoming. You have the Popo Agia Wilderness near Lander Wyoming, You can camp at Worthinton Meadows or Fiddler Lake, Both have corrals for horsemen, Farther to the west near Pinedale you have 5 trail heads going into the Wind Rivers Wilderness. Again most of these trail heads have corrals built by BackCountry Horsemen. The Jackson Hole and Yellowstone area have unlimited riding in incredible scenery.


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