Dec 28, 2009

Here Comes the Sun

I woke up to this peeking over the horizon! It's only 20 degrees, but seeing the sun sure helps ones my disposition. And the place looks so different with the sun reflecting off the snow.

There is just one slight problem.

See this drift?

It's behind my garage.

And see the one out yonder? More drifting in our driveway.

And the one to the left of the bridge?
That's our county road. We are still waiting for the calvary.
So, it's a good thing there is no place I have to be today.


  1. Visting from Mindee's blog. Wow what a storm. Your pictures are beautiful. I love the horse pictures. A storm like that is a only a wish for us in Texas.

  2. The sun sure does put a whole different perspective on snow and the cold!

  3. Love the post-blizzard photos, Tammy. It's so beautiful when you can admire from afar (like south Texas) or at least from inside the house with a cup of tea in your hands. Or, even better, a hot chocolate with schnapps in it! I am sending WARM thoughts your way.


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