Dec 17, 2009

I Just Want To Lope!

Hanging on the wall in my office is the following prose. I wish I knew who wrote it so I can give them credit for what many of us feel. Especially now, during the Ice Age of Nebraska and the hustle and bustle of the season and the rush to get things done at work before the holidays. Ah, I just want to lope.

I Just Want To Lope
Author Unknown

Today was a particularly awful day at work.
I think everyone there is sun-deprived, cold and crabby.
So I knocked off at 5:00 on the dot
and headed out to the barn.
What a relief!
Because with my horse, if I want to lope,
we lope!

I don’t have to consult a committee about loping.
I don’t have to file an impact statement
about the effects of loping.
I don’t have to explore
less expensive alternatives to loping.
I don’t have to schedule a brainstorming session
to explore the best way to lope.

I don’t have to discuss loping
with the tech department
to see if we have resources available to support it.
I don’t have to get approval
from sr. management to lope.

The other horses in the barn don’t get offended
if we lope
and don’t include them
in the decision-making process.
I don’t have to show my loping plan
to the legal dept.

No one comes up and says,
“you know, we tried loping last year and it didn’t work...”
I don’t have to develop a tracking plan
to measure the success of loping.

No one in marketing is concerned
about how loping fits into our “brand image.”
No one in operations comes running up
to tell me I haven’t correctly filed the loping forms.
We don’t schedule weekly status meetings
to discuss loping.

If something goes wrong with loping, we just fix it.
We don’t go around checking every e-mail sent
and every conversation had,
then have a “responsibility meeting”
to try to pin the blame on someone.

I don’t have to inform the PR department
that I’m going to start loping.
I don’t need to get two signatures
on my invoices before loping.
And I don’t have to document
my loping experience in a memo
so that everyone who wants to lope after me
can learn from my experience.

If I want to lope, we just lope!



  1. Anonymous3:24 PM

    I too am in Nebraska and really can relate to your post today!!

  2. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Aw Tammy, the cold days make the good days sweeter! (signed: Pollyanna)

  3. That's a great piece and I hope you get to lope soon!
    Stay warm.

  4. is grey/cold time. I am doing my light does work for the sleep department and therefore the mood department as well!
    Loping may be a far off thing for mare is lame and it is a mystery to me...racking my brain to find the cause.
    Shoot up a prayer for her, would you?
    YOU hang in there....March is just around the corner my dear...been booking clients already in it and it makes me feel good!


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